Local horse trainers bring awards to Cassville

Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Jason Cook, owner of JC Horsemanship, on the horse along side Tangie Denzer, client at the ABRA World Championship Show in Tulsa, Okla. Contributed photo

JC Horsemanship, along with clients competed in the ABRA

Cassville locals made waves in Tulsa, Okla., from July 20 through July 26, bringing home a basketfull of awards from the American Buckskin Registry Association (ABRA) World Championship Show.

Jason Cook and his wife, Carrie Cook, owners of JC Horsemanship in Cassville, took clients to the ABRA World Championship Show to show their horses and clients’ progress.

Becky Hodge, local woman who showed her horses in July at the ABRA World Championship Show in Tulsa, Okla. Contributed photo

“At the ABRA World Championship Show, we compete with people all over the United States,” Cook said. “I train out of JC Horsemanship, and my clients and their horses go to big horse shows often.”

Cook has gone to the ABRA World Championship Show for the last three years.

“I usually either take someone with me, or I go and show my clients’ horses for them,” he said. “I usually don’t own the horses I show, so I show or coach my clients on showing the horses.”

This year, local resident Becky Hodge and two other clients of Cook from Arkansas went to the event.

“The competition allows us to find out where our clients horses are compared with others,” he said. “Buckskin is a color breed, think of it like comparing Dodge, Chevy and Ford — there are different competitions for different types of horses.”

The competition in Tulsa was at the Fair Grounds, and the Cooks and their clients stayed for five days.

“It means a lot to win as much as we did, 12 awards and multiple top 10s,” he said. “We don’t go to a ton of shows, so we want to make it count.

“It is a lot of work to put everything together and do it right, and we only get the one chance.”

There are no re-runs in the competition.

“It is more of an inspiration for my clients to win, knowing that I was able to coach them,” Cook said. “Coaching and teaching is my passion.

“To get a client to understand their horse and to watch them come together is pretty special.”

Cook said there are a lot of nerves and emotions that go into the competition.

“But, the most important thing is that they have fun,” he said. “I see people come from being new in the industry to having success. I enjoy seeing that growth.”

Cook started JC Horsemanship in April this year, but he has been in the industry for more than 21 years.

“I wanted to continue to work with people and become even more involved with the industry, he said. “I want to grow and help my clients grow as well. My wife has gone from amateur to professional and is now also picking up clients.

“We have a lot to offer people together.”

The importance of showing horses is that it establishes the value of the horse.

“If you could be doing anything you want to be doing, I hope it is what you are doing right now,” he said. “I want to be training horses — it is my passion.”

Carrie Cook, co-owner of JC Horsemanship, said it has been a humbling experience to grow the business and recognition.

“We have had a great welcome in the industry and community as we stepped out on our own,” she said. “I have now gone pro, and there is such a need in a community like this.”

Cook said she was involved with the 4-H like many students in the area growing up.

“Now, I can give back,” she said. “That is what we learn from, how to be independent and make goals. This is a way to be involved in the world around you without being online or behind a screen.”

Cook said she would love to get more people interested in horses and showing them.

“We want to help people enjoy what they want out of their horses, whether it be competing or trail riding,” she said. “We want to help.”

Becky Hodge, local woman who won multiple awards at ABRA World Championship Show, said she loved the experience.

“The camaraderie between the contestants and the atmosphere of the show was amazing,” she said. “Jason and Carrie have been great to work with.

“I work mostly with Carrie, and she is so patient, kind and encouraging.”

Hodge said she tries to take at least one lessen per week with her.

“I am lucky to have found them,” she said. “It is easy to get discouraged, but she keeps up-lifting me.

“There is no telling what I will be able to do next year.”

Hodge is in her 60s and decided to get into the industry in her late 20s.

“I have gone to other Buckskin shows, but not the World Show,’” she said. “Next year, I plan to add a whole bunch of events.”

According to Hodge, to be in this industry, it has to be a passion.

“I spend many hours a day feeding, cleaning and riding,” she said. “It needs to be your passion to do it like it needs to be done.

“It is an everyday dedication.”

Hodge was planning this show for months.

“Then COVID-19 happened,” she said. “They started canceling shows, which I needed for practice.”

Even still, Hodge showed in three or four classes for the first time this year.

“It is all about making a plan and doing it,” she said. “However, none of this happens without a horse you can form a partnership and trust with.  I waited a long time to find that horse and I found it in Mac.”

Mac is a 12-year-old quarter horse Gelding named Heza Mac Buck.

“When he won the ABRA championship for Ideal Buckskin I was so proud of him because that’s just what he is,” Hodge said. “He has patience and grace and a willingness to work hard day in and day out and put up with his mom.”

Awards won by JC Horsemanship and their clients include:

• Tangie Denzer with Chocolate Chexed:

Reserve World Champion Amateur Ranch Halter

Reserve World Champion Open Ranch Halter

Reserve World Campion Amateur Ranch Riding

Multiple top 10s

• Tangie Denzer with Sunday Dun:

Multiple Top 10s and Top 5s

• Jason Cook and Chocolate Chexed:

World Champion Open Ranch Rail Pleasure

Reserve Open High Point Ranch Horse

• Jeanie Sims and Tricked Out Skeet:

World Champion Green Ranch Riding

World Champion Amateur Ranch Riding

Reserve World Champion Amateur Ranch Rail

Multiple Top 10s

• Becky Hodge and Heza Mac Buck:

World Champion Ideal Buckskin

World Champion Performance Halter Geldings

Reserve World Champion Amateur Select Horsemanship

Multiple Top 10s.

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