State Senate 29th District Questionnaire: Mike Moon

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Age: 61

Current Occupation: Cattle rancher

Past Experience: 27 year career at Mercy Hospital - Marketing

Education: B.S. Education

Political party: Republican


1. What do you see as the No. 1 issue facing residents of the 29th District and how do you plan to address it?

Civil unrest, unstable economy due to draconian measures implemented as a result of the coronavirus – each of these threaten the Districts industry and way of life. Law enforcement must be supported in their efforts to arrest lawbreakers. The Revised statutes of Missouri must be changed to include the legislature in the making of decisions regarding future states of emergency.

2. You and your opponent are both staunchly pro-life. What, in your opinion, would be the best way to effectively end abortions in Missouri? Furthermore, is there an approach you believe is wrong?

Ban the abortion procedure. Abortion is murder. To continue to allow the murder of developing humans is wrong and does not speak well of a civilized society. I am the only proven pro-life candidate in the race for the 29th Senate seat. I have a record to back up my speech. Some will say, in order to stop abortion, we must change the culture. I agree that until a person believes that killing a developing human is wrong, the act will continue. It’s somewhat like the act of murder. We realize that until people have a change of heart, murder will continue. Until that time, though, Missouri has laws against murder. If the developing baby is deemed a human with all the rights of one who has been born, we must afford the developing human baby the right to due process of law before its life can be ended.

3. School funding has been cut due to fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. How do you propose the state return to fully funding the Foundation Formula?

At the forefront of the discussion, the ballot initiative to expand Medicaid must be defeated. The expansive cost of expanding Medicaid will lead to bankruptcy of the state. Education funding will suffer additional cuts if Medicaid is expanded in Missouri.

4. Are you satisfied with the state’s current gun laws and open carry? Would you propose or support any changes to current gun laws?

Overall, the law(s) are consistent with the 2nd Amendment. In 2016, SB 656 was passed by the legislature. The bill was declared by some to be a “constitutional carry” bill – one that would allow the law abiding individuals to carry open or concealed firearms without a permit. This bill was in reality a “permit-less carry” bill. While the bill was good in theory, a person who carries a firearm into one of the prohibited-by-law locations is subject to a misdemeanor charge (a CCW holder is not subject to charge). The law should be applied equally – the misdemeanor charge should be removed from the law.

5. Would you propose or support any changes to current tax laws, specifically in the realms of personal property tax, state income tax and corporate tax?

I am a proponent of the “Fair Tax.” Since property is not truly owned, if an alternative tax, such as the “Fair Tax,” were enacted into law, I would support the change. In addition, I have, and will continue to advocate for the elimination of the corporate tax. I believe that businesses looking to relocate will view Missouri as a more business-friendly state. When this happens, the entire state will benefit. I am the most pro-Life, pro-Constitution candidate in the race for Missouri’s 29th district senate seat. All one need to do is look at my record to verify my statement.

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