Vision 150 projects cruising along

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Cassville school district on or ahead of schedule

While students have been away for the mixture of the wellness break and the summer break, progress has been consistent on the Vision 150 work and other projects at the Cassville school district.

Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent, said the early childhood center interior is 85 percent complete.

“The finishing work is in full progress, including carpet, tile and painting,” he said. “The exterior still needs the brick work to be completed, and that material just needs to be delivered.”

On the exterior of both the early childhood center and the vintage wing (now known as the Wild Academy), the installation of a thicker mesh will add to the longevity of the product.

“The renovation of Wild Academy is about 50-60 percent complete, which includes interior framing in the classrooms,” Asbill said. “On the exterior, a lot of progress has been made and windows have been removed.”

The area between the Wild Academy and the gym will undergo demolition for the storm water project, which will go in front of the Wild Academy and extend to the early childhood center.

“The groundwork on the entry way projects to Eunice Thomas Elementary, the middle school cafeteria and the middle school has been completed,” Asbill said. “So the projects are about 25 percent complete, but the remainder of the project will move rapidly between now and the start of school.”

Asbill said the entry way projects will provide safe and secure access to parents and visitors without allowing full access to the building.

“The brick maintenance at the high school is complete, and it involved moving a dust collection system to the exterior of the building,” he said. “Additionally, the intercom communication system and security camera upgrades are also complete.”

There is still some door security to do that is tied into the Wild Academy and the elementary doors.

“The middle school family and consumer sciences room is 75 percent complete,” he said. “The electrical work and painting was completed by the district’s staff, and the installation date for cabinets and appliances was just confirmed.

“Once that is finished, that project will be at 95 percent complete.”

Asbill said most things will be ready by the end of August.

“We are on a good schedule for the early childhood center,” he said. “We were able to pick up on time with that due to the absence from school. Originally, we were looking at an October or November completion date, but now we are looking at September.”

Although most of the time students have been out of school, some construction was done while summer school was in session.

“Dusty Reid, [Cassville school district director of facilities and operations], and Branco deserve a lot of credit for how that went,” he said. “They coordinated construction with the safety needs of staff and students as a focus.”

Asbill said they worked daily to make the plans for the next day.

“I am really proud of the work that was done in balancing the family needs and the district needs,” Asbill said. “We did have some alternate entry ways for teachers and staff like we generally do before the school year starts when teachers want to come into their rooms when there is still deep cleaning going on. We don’t anticipate any major challenges or obstacles with that.”

Reid said the early childhood center is coming along nicely, and it will have lots of color and lights.

“The next steps are flooring,” he said. “They put probes in the concrete and test them every three days to see the moisture levels in the concrete. The moisture has to be at a certain level to install carpet.”

When people walk in the double doors, the classrooms to the right are in the order of Parents as Teachers first, followed by three pre-k rooms. The last of the pre-k rooms has a larger, private restroom.

“The common area in front of the large windows on the interior walls of the classrooms look into the Learning Park,” he said. “Which can be utilized by kindergarten to twelfth grades. The teachers can reserve it.”

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