Part II — Barry County Sheriff Questionnaire: Travis Hilburn

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

1. What, specifically, will you do to reduce the drug problem in Barry County?

Aggressively pursue the dealers and transporters.

2. When addressing the drug problem, will you put more emphasis on certain substances compared to others (i.e. marijuana versus prescription pills versus meth)?

Many drugs are linked, young people begin with a “lesser” drug and progress into full blown addicts of “harder” drugs. Preventing this should be a priority. Most meth or heroin addicts started with pain pills or marijuana.

3. What is your opinion on the Sunshine Law and your philosophy on transparency?

All police reports are public information once the investigation has ended. The only exception is if it would compromise the identity and safety of an informant or undercover officer.

4. Given recent events nationwide regarding policing tactics, would you consider extra training or any changes in policy regarding force?

Barry County to this point has been mostly exempt from the racial strife of larger cities however, racial and ethical training will be incorporated into regular training.

5. If elected, how long do you plan to continue serving as/running for Sheriff?

As long as I and the people of this county feel I am making a difference and serving them effectively.

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