Massey says goodbye after 15 years with Wheaton schools

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
At the retirement party for Lance Massey, Wheaton superintendent, many stories were told describing the 15 years of encouragement, honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness he has illuminated during his time of service at the Wheaton school district. Jordan Privett/

Wheaton superintendent to retire June 30

After 15 years in the Wheaton school district, Lance Massey is set to retire on June 30.

In 2005, Massey started as the Wheaton 7-12 grade building principal.

Theresa Day, Wheaton administrative assistant; Lance Massey, Wheaton superintendent; and Kelly Paul, Wheaton bookkeeper, stood together holding a cake to celebrate Lance Massey’s retirement after 15 years of service. Jordan Privett/

“Now, I just finished my ninth year as superintendent,” Massey said. “I have seen the district go into one-on-one technology, as well as make many improvements to the buildings and grounds.

“While I was the building principal, the career center was built.”

As proud as Massey is that the district has grown over the years, one of the best things about working in Wheaton, he said, is the board of education.

The Asbill family, friends of Massey, and the Carrier family, Lance Massey’s daughter and grandson, shared stories about Massey, Wheaton superintendent, at his retirement party on Friday. Jordan Privett/

“There is a ton of communication and support,” he said. “They are some of the most wonderful people in the district to work with.

“The [board] is supportive all around, from the admin teams to faculty and staff.”

As far as its students, Massey said Wheaton has seen some of the best.

“Some kids have gone off to start a business and pursue degrees,” he said. “And we have students that are division 1 athletes.

“It is a great tribute to the quality of students we have had here in Wheaton.”

Trish Wilson, the current elementary building principal, will take over as Wheaton superintendent on Massey’s official last day.

“Trish has a tremendous amount of experience,” Massey said. “She does an outstanding job with staff morale and works well with staff and families.”

Massey said it was an easy transition to making the recommendation for Trish to take over his position.

“I have a small farm in Neosho,” Massey said. “I plan to spend more time with my family and look into a few other options after my retirement.”

Massey said it has been a wonderful experience and opportunity to serve the Wheaton community and school.

“We have some great kids,” he said. “I appreciate the kids who have made my career enjoyable. Additionally, it wouldn’t be possible without the community support, and the great co-workers who have led the charge over the years.

“The Wheaton school, community and students have really been a blessing to me. I wish Wheaton the best of luck, as well as Dr. Wilson. I know she will do a great job. I hope for nothing but the best for the Wheaton school and community.”

Lance Massey’s exiting salary will be $93,500.

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