Pediatric therapist opens in Cassville

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Elijah Muse, 3, of Cassville, had a blast playing on equipment inside the new Wolf Pediatric Therapy clinic during its open house on Thursday. Jordan Privett/

Wolf Wellness expands from Arkansas clinic

In Holiday Island, Ark., Sheila Villareal-Wolf opened Wolf Wellness Center in 2015.

Since then, she has built herself a bigger facility and continued to look into options for growth. That growth is now happening in Cassville with the Wolf Pediatric Therapy Services on Main Street near the square.

Titus Muse, 4, Carson Skinks, 5, and Bently Skinks, 5, all of Cassville, played with the sensory activities during the open house for the new Wolf Pediatric Therapy clinic on Main Street. Jordan Privett/

Villareal-Wolf, owner of both clinics, said her husband grew up in Cassville.

“This is our home town,” she said. “In Holiday Island, we have therapy, wellness and a fitness center. We didn’t even originally have plans for the fitness center, but now we have 800 gym members.”

Villareal-Wolf said she has been asked to bring therapist services and a gym to Cassville.

Stacking cones helps to build the muscles. Elijah Muse, 3, of Cassville played with props inside the open house for the new Wolf Pediatric Therapy on Main Street. Jordan Privett/

“We believe in the Barry County community,” she said. “The Holiday Island clinic serves five school districts — that is 150 students per week each school year.”

When looking into expanding those services to Missouri, Villareal-Wolf first thought of Cassville.

“During the COVID-19 shutdown, we were in idle,” she said. “But that allowed for some time to come to Cassville and get things set up, as well as get the licenses.”

There will be a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Still-Hesgard, in the Cassville facility.

“In the Holiday Island clinic, we see all ages,” Villareal-Wolf said. “For Cassville, we will focus more on the pediatric side, but collaborating with the Holiday Island clinic means we can see any age.”

The goal for the Cassville clinic is to offer quality therapy options to families so they don’t have to travel.

“A lot of times, we will see a patient a few times a week,” she said. “That is difficult for a parent to travel to regularly.”

Another benefit to a local clinic is that a patient can build a meaningful and lasting relationship with a therapist in their community.

“We help change people lives every day,” Villareal-Wolf said. “Milestones and goals may seem small, but for the children — it’s huge.”

The new clinic’s expertise is with children 3 years and older, but they have experience with infants as well.

“A child with a sports injury at school age or older will be seen in Holiday Island, for physical therapy or occupational therapy,” she said. “The Cassville clinic will focus more on developmental delays. That is anything that keeps a child from functioning the same as its peers.

“We are here to help any child that isn’t able to, for whatever reason, perform or function at the same level as their friends.”

The Cassville clinic is ready to take referrals at this time.

“Once we get the physicians referral, we clear the insurance, and we accept all major forms of insurance and Medicaid,” she said. “I have 19 staff in the company. A physical therapist is a doctorate program and an occupational therapist is a master’s program.

“After the physical therapist evaluates the needs of the patient and sets a timeline for their goals the physical therapist assistant gets the child to that point, based on the plan set by the physical therapist.”

Already, the Cassville clinic has had parents reaching out for information.

“The Cassville clinic is a secure clinic, which means that if a patient is in, the doors are locked to the public,” Villareal-Wolf said. “This is to protect the security and privacy of the children we serve.”

Another thing Villareal-Wolf would like to start in the Cassville location is speech therapy.

“A big part of this job is parent education,” she said. “We want the child to perform here and take it to their schoolroom and home.

“We will invite anyone in the child’s circle to learn what they need to learn. Part of the treatment is that they come for a session, it is built in. We can find out what works in a controlled environment and then pass that information on to the child’s team.”

For more information about the Wolf Pediatric Therapy Services in Cassville, people may call 417-847-7061.

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