Wheaton determines street projects

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

City to work on North and South Holmes, Ponderosa

The city of Wheaton budgets out projects on an annual basis, and this year, the city is focusing on three streets for filling cracks, sealing and striping.

Josh Kinnaman, Wheaton utilities supervisor, said North and South Holmes, as well as Ponderosa Drive will be worked on this year.

“The project bid went to Cassville Sealing and Striping for just over $9,000,” he said. “The project is to start on June 29, and the company said it should be completed in about three days.”

The goal is to fill the cracks and seal the streets to make them last longer.

“North Holmes was done about three years ago, and South Holmes and Ponderosa Drive were done about five to six years ago,” he said. “All of the streets need some work but we are trying to keep some of the newer roads maintained so they don’t deteriorate so badly.”

Kinnaman said with a certain number of dollars each year to focus on the project, it can be a difficult decision to make on which street needs it most.

According to the bid the city accepted from Cassville Sealing and Striping, $325 of the project will go to striping.

There will be sealing of 6,415 square yards, as well as 6,084 linear feet of crack filling.

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