Chuck Terrill: If My people who are called by My Name

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Our Nation hasn’t won a war in 75 years.

There have been thousands of casualties, but no victory day parades. Our allies during World War II would report the same: very few military victories despite the great cost of precious lives.


Our WWII victory didn’t come until people who had never prayed before began to pray. Throughout the long days of war, the devout prayed. But eventually, everyone was praying. All around the world, people were praying. Even the enemies of freedom were praying for an end to war. They say, "There are no atheists in fox holes," for a reason. And then, prayers were answered.

It seems to me that God has sent us a war. Proverbs 26:22 reads: “Like a fluttering bird or like a flying swallow, so a curse without a cause does not come to rest. Like a fluttering sparrow, like a darting swallow, so the undeserved curse doesn't come to rest.” There is a reason the Son of God has allowed a satanistic curse to beset our nation. The cause? He wants us to turn to Him, as we once did.

Jesus has allowed a war to come to us that we can, with His help, win.

During the days of WWII, people were demoralized. Depression was rampant. Household supplies were rationed. Not a single home had escaped the loss of a loved one to the ravages of war. Travel was difficult. Everything was turned upside down. Life would never be the same.

But, during those horrific days, many citizens began to understand what was really important. Over and over again, they said, “If only...if only.” Everyone longed to be at home. Overseas, fighting men vowed if they ever made it home, they would begin to attend church. Everywhere, people made promises to God. “If only You’ll get us through this, we will. We’ll put You first, Jesus. We will pay attention to, and love you, and serve You."

Yes, I believe that Jesus has allowed us a war that will be won. So, don’t give up! Keep the faith and continue to pray. Get ready for a victory parade!

When people cry out to God, repent of their sin, and return to God, He will respond. I see genuine, world-wide revival as the aftermath of God’s great victory.

After WWII there was a baby boom. I’m a boomer myself. I envision many children being born, born into Christian homes. The cradle-roll will be an important ministry again. Thankful people, grateful to be alive, will fill up our churches. Many people thought going to church was no big deal, until they couldn’t go, by legal decree. Now, they will be back in the House of God by droves.

Because of the virus war, many are accepting Christ as Lord and Savior, even now. They are watching and seeing Christian faith and Gospel preaching online. Conversions are taking place as many acknowledge they must be prepared to meet God. These will become active servants of Christ.

After WWII, more missionaries were sent to war torn countries around the world. Missionary fervor has never been so high. In the years immediately following WWII, many of our churches saw their greatest growth ever. Revival came and stayed.

The economy flourished. There were more jobs than workers. New homes were built by the score. People were so thankful for simple things. There was singing and dancing. Every church had a choir. The offerings did more than take care of the immediate needs of the local church, the surplus went towards helping those who had little, all around the world.

Yes, I think Americans deserve to be shaken up a little. Our nation put God on hold for a long time. So many have turned their backs on God. He has now reasserted His control. So many have bowed down to the idols of job and money. When our idols are all destroyed, there is only one other place to look.

We are finally praying, “Give us this day our daily bread.” We are praying, “Deliver us from evil.” We are praying, “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”

Don’t you want, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,” to be a reality?

It can be. I believe it will be. God is about to show us wondrous things, as we turn to Him in faith.

Chuck Terrill, who has doctorates from Master Theological Seminary and Trinity Seminary, is the senior minister at First Christian Church in Cassville. He may be reached at 417-847-2460.