Bob Mitchell: Out with the old, in with the new!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

If there was something you intended to accomplish in 2019?

If so, consider this piece of news, you’re too late!

Yes, like it or not, today (Wednesday) is the first one of 2020. A year has arrived that we’ve been hearing about so far as political circles are concerned during most of the year that is past out of sight.

So, if you failed to conjure up a New Year’s Resolution before you are reading this, better hurry to get the full year’s run of events and decisions that might come your way.

Frankly, that idea was one given up years ago, probably because multiple decisions were made and most of them fell apart, so what’s the use is the current opinion by me. And, even without a resolution to pave the way, the Good Lord has been exceptionally good around our household for 87 and 90 years respectively.

New record?

Time was, back in the 1970s when Cassville laid claim to possibly being among the few communities in the country to having been involved with securing more manufacturing jobs than there were existing population numbers in the city limits. Cassville was always looking for more recognition along these lines, until “Cassville, living the good life, in their own way!” was published in the Springfield New-Leader.

That probably doesn’t exist today, but there is something else about to replace that claim.

Sometime, apparently after the first of the year, a sixth bank will be operating in our community, according to the announcement that the Cornerstone Bank of Eureka Springs, Ark., had purchased the old Chrysler-Dodge property at the Four-Way stop on the west edge of Cassville for that purpose, which will make this number of financial institutions possible.

Cornerstone had previously purchased property across Highway 86 from this location, but when the new location became available they made a second choice.

Involved in the new bank in town is John Cross, who is no stranger to this community, having a number of social friends here in past years.

Typical engineers

The Army Corps of Engineers announcing a committee to put final touches to a reservoir plan, has obviously decided to overlook communities that were involved in getting the reservoir started in the first place.

It was 1958, upon completion of the project, when towns around the reservoir pitched-in, at the Corps request, to sponsor boat dock facilities on the reservoir. As the backbone of Table Rock development, the docks continue to provide facilities for recreational purpose around the lake.

Cassville was among those towns, providing Campbell Point, Eureka Springs, Ark., sponsored Eagle Rock, Monett’s choice was Big M and Baxter was another to come out of Arkansas.

No member of the committee comes from any of the original booster communities, which is possibly a good thing, considering smaller number for ease of operation purposes.

Long procedure

Back in those days of development, Table Rock had the absolute least efficient launching ramps on any reservoir in the state. Impoundments under control of the Kansas City District provided only the best of these factors for boaters on their lakes.

That distinction was a point of contention for years so far as The Cassville Democrat was concerned, frequently reminding a friend who was the resident engineer, of the fact. Richard Groves, the Corps official at the time, made frequent appearances in this community and never failed to bring up this factor of the paper’s dispute in his remarks.

Most of the time, approaches such as these were done in a good nature, but they finally fell on the right ears since adequate courtesy docks and adequate ramps finally arrived on Table Rock.

2020 statistics

Continuing first of each month’s report out of the Almanac, here’s what you might expect for the remainder of the first month of 2020.

So far as the weather concerned, as expected, unsettled could by general term for the nation. Toward the end of the month there are severe storms possible coming out of Texas and reaching up into Wisconsin.

There is a period in the month recommended for ridding areas of all kinds of weeds, even reaching toward disposing of poison ivy that might exist on your property. Where climate permits, there are even ideal planting dates for some crops, with no need for listing them in these parts.

For those who just can’t wait to put anything connected with fishing found under the Christmas tree out for a test, best fishing days are 9th, 10th, 27th, and 29th. Good fishing days, 13th, 17th, 18th and 26th. Now if you still have the desire after reading the temperature, head out.

Under winter conditions, don’t fail to acquire and wear your life preserver before putting your boat in the water. Remember what we were always told, “water can kill, cold water can do this quicker!”

To everyone

The wish coming from the Mitchells is that all of you have a good, healthy and prosperous New Year.