Carla and Bill Hembree Retire from Justin Boot

Tuesday, December 24, 2019
From left: Department 1 Supervisor Gregg Yockey; Bill Hembree; Carla Hembree; and Department 6 Supervisor Kayla Larson. Contributed photo

This is an exciting time for the Hembree’s, and in some ways, this is a sad time for the Cassville Justin Boot family, as it is losing two outstanding colleagues, co-workers and friends.

Carla Hembree was hired by Kay Hedrick in December 1989. She always greeted people with a smile and was a worker Justin Boot could always rely on.

Bill Hembree was hired by Nancy May in January 1990. With his deep and resonant voice that rivals Sam Elliot, Hembree was featured in the Justin Boot thank you ad campaign, and he also a worker the company could always rely on.

Over the years, their hard work and dedication has without a doubt helped make Justin Cassville plant what it is today.

With 30 years of service each and 60 years collectively, they will be missed.