Bob Mitchell: November has many enjoyable opportunities

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Weíre in the 11th month of this year now, which offers a number of opportunities for activities that can provide enjoyment.

Paramount among these is very close to home in the Catch and Release Rainbow Trout fishing at Roaring River State Park. For the purely dedicated fly fisherperson, this is an excellent opportunity to extend their favorite season and stay sharp for the real opening in the spring.

Explore Missouri

A challenge from the Missouri Conservationist magazine would be to explore Missouri during this pre-winter month actually when the outdoors are more visible as the trees begin shedding their leaves. There is even a major happening in the sky as the Leonid Meteor Shower is due November 17.

Back in the days of my roaming Table Rock Lake, which is no secret to this column, being in a favorite spot, pulling into a creek by myself and waiting for nature to put on a show was something to witness. Creatures were out roaming their haunts and easily visible, and during this quiet time seemed willing for spectators to view their activities.

Once years ago, Steve Burch and I were fishing in House Cove, when a dozen turkeys flew across the water in the back of that cove, which was a sight to watch. The best part came as we were quietly trolling toward the back of the cove as the turkeys grazed on the opposite side.

Eventually, whether we spooked them or what, they one by one returned to their original side of the cove.

Taking some hunters to that area later during turkey season, the gobblers were nowhere to be found. Now, if that isnít just the luck!


With Daylight Saving Time out of the way, itís now possible for a return to normal time.

This is as good a time as any for an apology for not making mention last week about the time change, my mother would never have forgiven me back in her day for this oversight.

Veterans Day Monday

A very important part of November occurs next Monday, November 11 with the arrival of Veterans Day.

This particular one wonít be all that pleasant for this veteran with the action of the American Legion property of Irwin-Easley Post 118 going on the block. Actually, an absence that many will miss is the sale of Veterans Day Poppies by the Ladies Auxiliary that visited us on November 11 for so many years. Under sunshine or stormy weather, those dedicated women would be present throughout Cassville contributing to the cause of veterans.

But, with these changes doesnít mean we have to completely overlook the observance. Formed following World War I, the American Legion is beginning its second century of being the voice of those who served their country in the uniforms of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The organizationís worth to those who gave part of their lives cannot be measured.

Best fishing days

Those who either brave cold weather or catch a bright sunny day and take the opportunity to hit Table Rock, there are some best fishing days says the Almanac. These run until Thursday of this week and pickup again on the 15th and 16th. Then the fishing turns to good through Friday and again on the l4th and 15th.

Weather-wise there is heavy mention of blustery conditions in many portions of the nation, drifting some into the plains states and eventually to the Midwest.

Even with moisture possibilities, the Almanac also mentions the possibility of dust problems to the west of us.

But, thatís to be expected, as they sayÖ ďItís that time of the year.Ē

Future events coming

Paying no attention to the rush to get into the commercial season, it might be proper for a couple of reminders covering a few weeks in the future.

A for instance, itís a short 16 days until Thanksgiving, making it a possibility that pre-diets for that season might be in order at the present time.

Then, looking quite a distance into the future, it would be 43 days until that all-important observance of Christmas.

By the time we reach that point it will be time to secure a new calendar and start making whatever plans you might have in mind for the New Year. It will be 2020!

Bob Mitchell is the former editor and publisher of the Cassville Democrat. He is a 2017 inductee to both the Missouri Press Association Hall of Fame and Missouri Southern State Universityís Regional Media Hall of Fame.