Cupps cruises to Special Election win

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Republican candidate wins by 82-18 margin

Scott Cupps, Republican candidate in the Special Election for the Missouri State House District 158, cruised to a victory in Tuesday’s election by a wide margin.

Unofficial results from Barry, Lawrence and Stone counties showed Cupps, of Shell Knob, garnered 1,950 total votes (82 percent) to Democratic opponent Lisa Kalp’s 419 votes (18 percent).

In Barry County, Cupps tallied 1,798 votes at the polls and 109 via absentee voters. In Lawrence County, he received 39 votes, and in Stone County, he received 4 votes.

“I am overwhelmingly proud that the citizens of the district are that confident in me and feel I’m the guy for the job,” Cupps said. “More than anything, I’m just excited to get to work. I am humbled and proud to get the opportunity to do so.”

Cupps said he believes the key to the victory was not his campaigning or being included in the kickoff event for Scott Fitzpatrick’s State Treasurer candidacy on Monday, but instead, it was people in the district knowing where he stands on issues.

“The people of the district know what I stand for and what I want in Jefferson City,” he said. “They know I have Christian values and want common sense legislation that works for the people. I had an overwhelming number of folks voice that to me.”

Cupps said his top priority in Jefferson City at the start will be that common sense mantra.

“I want to keep the state honest from a common sense standpoint and make sure we have the common sense approach we hold firm in Barry County also held firm at the state level so it doesn’t negatively affect our district down the road.”

Cupps said most of all, he is thankful for the opportunity to serve.

“I am genuinely really excited to go to work for the district,” he said. “There’s no one more proud than me to be from here. It’s our morals, values and common sense approach that makes this such a great place to live.”

Kalp congratulated Cupps on the election win.

“I congratulate him, and I hope he can do a good job, and that’s what Barry County needs,” she said.

Kalp, of Butterfield, said she may consider running for office again, possibly at a more local level.

“I’ll have to thing about it,” she said. “There’s things I’d like to get done, but in this area as a female and a Democrat, it’s not easy. But, something more local would be nice.”

In Barry County, Kalp received 379 votes at the polls and 32 from absentee submissions. In Lawrence County, she received 8, and in Stone County, zero.

Barry County had four write-ins, Lawrence County had one and Stone County had zero. Votes for neither in Barry County, listed as undervotes, totaled 16, and there were two overvotes, where a person voted for both candidates.

Barry County saw an 12.49 percent turnout, with 2,340 total ballots cast, including absentee, out of the 18,733 registered voters.

Of the 949 registered voters in the three Lawrence County precincts, 79 total ballots were cast for an 8.32 percent turnout.

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