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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Hendricks: ‘People can learn so much from the past’

A woman who recently moved to Seligman from Ohio is bringing her family business with her.

Jeannie Hendricks, founder of History, Haunts and Legend Tours out of Hanoverton, Ohio, said she is looking to build a tour with history, haunts and legends locally in Seligman.

“I moved to Seligman from Ohio four months ago,” she said. “I am looking to open the Missouri branch of my business now that I live here.”

The business in Ohio is a family-run operation and is now being run by her youngest son.

“It all started with the historical society, who managed the tours for about two years,” she said. “Then, they asked us to take it over because they had so many requests for tours. We picked it up as a family business.”

It is a seasonal business, but the family seemed to stay busy through most of the year.

“We have been doing it for a little over 14 years,” she said. “We actually partnered with some bus tours that had come into Hanoverton. We would do either history or history and ghosts, just whatever they wanted and those would start in the spring.”

The tours would then continue into the summer.

“June through August, we would do the summer ghost walks,” she said. “Then, we would cut it back to every other Saturday night, but sometimes, we would have so many requests, we would stay in full business throughout September.”

Of course, the month of October was always a busy time.

“I came to Seligman alone,” she said. “Everyone else stayed in Ohio.”

Hendricks said she had never been to the area before she moved.

“I am hoping to build the same type of business here,” she said. “I don’t know how big it will get, but I hope it does grow a bit.”

Hendricks is already doing her local research for the tours.

“I bought a book about local history and I have been studying it,” she said. “I have also been talking to some locals to get some good ghost stories.”

As she is just starting out, Hendricks plans to just do the October Halloween Tour on Saturday, but she hopes it grows so next year she can have many more tours.

“I enjoy doing this — preserve the past for our future is kind of a saying we have,” she said. “Sometimes, I dress up in 1800s dress, and other times, I have my history, haunts and legends T-shirt that I wear. I don’t know what the plan is yet for Saturday.”

Hendricks said she isn’t expecting a whole lot of people to attend her first tour, just because it is so new.

“It is $5 for adults, and children 12 and younger are free,” she said. “It is a tour through the Seligman Cemetery, and there won’t be any jump scares or anything like that, just story telling.

“I have always been into local history and American history. I love to tie the two together when I can, and I think stuff like this is great for the younger people because so much of our history is lost in this day and age. This is a way for people to remember what their roots are and what kind of hardships people went through to build our towns, people can learn so much from the past.”

People going on the tour on Saturday will meet at the Seligman Cemetery under the pavilion at 7:30 p.m.

For more information or to pre-register for the tour, people may call Hendricks at 330-420-5962 and follow new events on the Facebook page, “Ghost Tours, Cemetery Tours & Haunted Tours.”

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