Districts coming into focus

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

District football playoff picture clearing up

With just two regular season football games left in Missouri, the Class 3, District 6 seeding and quarterfinal pairings are starting to come into focus.

Currently, the seeding and points are as follows: No. 1 Mt. Vernon, 45.76; No. 2 Cassville, 43.33; No. 3 Monett, 42.29; No. 4 Reeds Spring, 34.24; No. 5 Seneca, 33.62; No. 6 Hollister, 30.43; No. 7 Aurora, 17.9; and No. 8 Nevada, 14.86.

Unlike the past few years, there is not as much drama with this year’s district pod as far as the bi-county teams are concerned.

Mt. Vernon has Springfield Catholic and Hollister left on its schedule. They will be favored in both of those matches. It seems at this point that the road to a district championship runs through a No. 1 seeded Mountaineer team.

Cassville has arguably the toughest schedule with Reeds Spring and Lamar remaining. The only shot the Wildcats have at a No. 1 seed is a Mt. Vernon loss combined with the Black and Gold winning out by 13-point-or-more margin in each game.

Although it is likely that Monett will jump Cassville in points, the Wildcats have a margin for error with the head-to-head win over the Cubs and likely will lock down the No. 2 seed with the automatic flip rule.

Monett is a firm No. 3 seed.

The Cubs have McDonald County and Nevada left on their schedule. Monett would have to lose the final two games and Reeds Spring would need to defeat Cassville and Aurora in order to make a move to the No. 3 seed.

A loss to Mt. Vernon killed Seneca’s ability to move higher than No. 4 in the district seeding.

The Indians have two winnable games left on their schedule with East Newton and McDonald County.

Currently, Seneca trails Reeds Spring by a mere 62-hundredths of a point.

Even if both the Wolves and Indians win out in their final two games, Seneca would leap Reeds Spring by 38-hundredths of a point due to the fact McDonald County is Class 4 school and gives the Indians a bonus point for playing up.

Hollister faces Logan-Rogersville and Mt. Vernon. With a win over Aurora this season, the Tigers are likely set for the No. 6 seed.

Aurora entertains Marshfield and travels to Reeds Spring to finish the season. In order to hold onto the No. 7 seed, they just need to match or beat what Nevada does in the No. 8 position.

The Houn’ Dawgs cannot score enough points to challenge for the No. 6 seed. The best they can do is hold off Nevada.

With all the data available at this point, the most likely first round district playoff matchup scenarios would be as follows:

• No. 8 Nevada at No. 1 Mt. Vernon

• No. 7 Aurora at No. 2 Cassville

• No. 6 Hollister at No. 3 Monett

• No. 5 Reeds Spring at No. 4 Seneca

The picture will become even more clear after Friday, but this should answer some of the burning questions for fans.

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