Sales tax dips in August

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Cassville, Exeter, Monett stay above trend

For the second consecutive month, most sales tax receipts to Barry County cities and the county dropped.

Barry County’s two half-cent sales taxes each produced $171,349, a drop of more than $6,800 from a year ago. That set the 2019 sums under last year’s pace by about $35,000.

The separate sales tax that supports Barry County’s 911 service produced $128,248.45, a drop of $5,339.19 from last August. That put the 2019 total down from last year’s pace by more than $22,600.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received nearly $12,000 under last August. Only Cassville and Exeter joined Monett in outpacing last year’s amounts.

Cassville’s 1 percent sales tax for general bills generated $74,082.32, up $1,772.14 from a year ago, breaking a two-month downward trend after three consecutive months of positive comparisons. Exeter also broke a two-month streak of drops, receiving $1,706.58, up $451.40 from a year ago.

Seligman took the biggest hit, as its 1 percent sales tax for general bills received $8,696.23, nearly half of last August, down by $7,660.72. Wheaton’s 1 percent tax also dropped in half, taking in $2,286.92, down $3,049.71. Washburn almost came even, receiving $804.04 from its 1 percent tax, down $88.36 from a year ago.

Purdy’s 1 percent sales tax for the general fund received $5,198.05, down $1,589.63, or 23 percent, from a year ago. It was still the second-highest August payment in the past four years. The drop two months into the new fiscal year evened out the jump start on the new year, putting the new total of $12,128.35 barely under last year’s pace by $111.41.

Purdy’s general fund sum for 2019 is now at $47,155.52, up by more than $6,500.

Monett’s two sales taxes supporting the general fund generated $163,515.62 for the month, up $4,583.34 compared to a year ago for a new August record. It was the third time in five months sales tax receipts have recorded an uptick, putting the five-month fiscal year tally at $856,038.32, up nearly $20,000 from last year’s pace.

For 2019, Monett’s general fund revenues have hit $1,355,746.55, up more than $40,000, or almost 3 percent.

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