Area cowboys do their rodeo thing at FFA events

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Cassville FFA Booster Club hosts rodeo for locals

The Cassville FFA Booster Club has been busy the last month hosting its second annual Ranch Rodeo Series, and the big finale is scheduled for Aug. 31 at the Bill Hailey Arena.

Jennifer Privett, Cassville FFA Booster Club president, said there was originally five events in the series planned, but the fourth was taken out due to some malfunction.

“The three prior series events, however, went great,” she said. “The teams who come have to participate in three of the five events in order to qualify for the buckle series.”

Privett said all four members of the winning team will get a buckle.

“Each individual night of the series, everyone competes, and there is a cash prize,” she said. “The overall points for the whole series is what will determine the final buckle winners.”

Privett said for the finale, some cash prizes have been added, as well.

“We are also adding wild cow milking as one of the events for the finals, so that is something a little more for the spectators to watch,” she said. “We started off with right around 10 teams.”

Privett said at the finale, since there is an added money prize, there may be teams that show up to compete that have not been a part of the series so far.

“People can still sign up for the Aug. 31 finale,” she said. “Obviously, if they haven’t participated in the three prior events this season, they can’t win the buckle prize, but they can still participate.”

Privett said the event is a little smaller this year than it was last year.

“We had run into some issues last year that ran some of our teams off this year,” she said. “But, we have fixed those issues, and we are in the process of getting some of those teams back.”

Privett said this year, they have hired a paid judge, and that was one of the issues last year.

“This year, the judge is not a family member or friend of any team, so he is completely non-biased,” she said. “Things have also just simply run better this year.”

Privett said things this year are a lot smoother and more fair.

“We haven’t had a whole lot of spectators show up,” she said. “Most of the people who have come are there for their families.”

Privett said that is one reason they decided to add the wild cow milking, to make it a little more interesting for the spectators.

“It is only $5 for adults and ages six-and-under are free,” she said. “It is a great time to see our local cowboys doing their thing.”

Privett said the FFA does not have any big name people coming in, so it is really to support the locals doing it.

“The funds we raise every year during different fundraisers go toward paying for the children to go to the Washington Leadership Conference and FFA Camp,” she said. “It also goes to our scholarships that we pay out every year. The last couple of years, we have been able to give out over $5,000 in scholarships.”

Privett said the finale on Aug. 31 starts at 7 p.m., and depending on how many teams sign up, could last until 11 p.m. at the latest.

“We are always looking for more booster club members,” she said. “We would love for people to join and help because we have such small crew that helps put these things together.”

For more information about the event, people may visit the Facebook page 2nd Annual Ranch Rodeo Series or call Jennifer Privett at 417-847-6736.

Events include: Pasture team roping, sorting and doctoring, trailer loading, branding and a mystery event. There is a 20-team limit. Entry fees are $60 per person or $240 team. There will also be a mutton busting event with a $25 entry fee.

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