First-time auto show coming to Exeter

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Cars to line Front Street on Saturday

Staples of a small town include everyone knowing everyone, being close friends with everyone in your class and people coming together for local events.

Kenneth Phillips, organizer and host of the first ever Exeter auto show The Depot, said the event will be held on Front Street in Exeter on Saturday from 3-6 p.m.

“My father has always been into cars, so growing up, we always had hotrods and stuff around that we were working on,” he said. “We would always go to cruise-ins and local car shows.”

Phillips said back then, Wheaton was the only local cruise-in, but in 2010, Cassville started one as well.

“It was originally held in Cassville where the Tractor Supply is now,” he said. “Then, the Cassville Cruisers Club took it over, and now it is out at the museum.”

Phillips said at one point, Exeter Mayor Lance Eaton tried to start a car show in Exeter.

“Now that I am older and more educated on this topic, I am trying to start one here in Exeter,” he said. “Exeter doesn’t really have any community events that go on throughout the year. The only thing I can think of is the Exeter Corn Maze.”

Phillips said he wants to do something in Exeter that helps bring people together and involve small businesses and the school.

“The FFA will be there to sell food to help their program, Security Bank is going to offer free watermelon, and the Masonic Lodge will be selling funnel cakes like they do at the Cassville cruise-ins sometimes,” he said. “Admission to The Depot Exeter Auto Show is free, and it is free to register.”

Phillips said the event is solely run from people’s donations and sponsorships, and people who give their time to help.

“We aren’t trying to make a bunch of money with this,” he said. “We just want to offer something in the community that brings people together. There will be a donation box out in case people want to donate. That money will go back into the event for next year, maybe we can get shirts, more trophies or more classes.”

Phillips said this year is a test run so he can see how well he can manage the event.

“Hopefully, next year, we can make it much bigger,” he said. “We want to make this an annual event.”

Phillips said The Depot Exeter Auto Show will be held on Front Street, right in the middle of town.

“Mayor Eaton donated the Exeter Community Building and paid for the services to hold the registration and trophies in there,” he said. “That way, we have an inside area that people can go to register and vote.”

Phillips said he and his brother have started a local business, Phillips Phabworks.

“We are really just starting out with Phillips Phabworks,” he said. “This is the first thing we are doing to kind of break the name out there and get things started.”

Phillips said they hope in the future that they can make a parts business out of it by fabricating and making parts for cars.

For more information about The Depot Exeter Auto Show, people can follow Phillips Phabworks or The Depot Exeter Auto Show 2019 on Facebook.

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