Barry County school districts set 2019-2020 pay rates

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Each district offers increase in teacher salaries

Each year the local school districts’ boards of education look over the salary schedule and other information to hand assess pay, and this year, each school district in Barry County has approved raises for staff.

Tosha Tilford, Southwest superintendent, recommended adding $1,000 to the base of the certified salary schedule, $1,500 to the principal’s salaries, $1,000 to the non-certified directors schedules, $25 to the base of all non-certified staff salaries and $250 to the base of the bus drivers salaries and 8 cents per mile.

“With all of these proposed increases plus the position absorptions and things, it is less than a $63,000 increase to the district in salaries for the 2019-2020 school year,” she said. “In addition, substitute pay rates for the 2019-2020 school year are set as follows: substitute teacher $90 per day, substitute cook, custodian and secretary — starting hourly wage rate found on each respective salary schedule and substitute bus drivers at $35 per route.”

Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent, said the board reviews salaries and schedules each year in June as the fiscal year ends. 

“Cassville maintains two basic employee groups, certified (teachers/administrators) and classified (custodial, maintenance, food service, aides, secretaries, bus drivers, etc.),” he said.

Asbill said the Board approved raising the base certified schedule by $500 and also adjusting the master’s degree steps by $50.

“This makes the new base for $36,500—previously 36,000,” he said. “This action allows the Cassville School District to remain very competitive in southwest Missouri for starting teacher pay.”

Asbill said the additional $50 increase at the master’s and beyond level helps teachers who have pursued advanced degrees and whom have been at Cassville multiple years.

“This action assist with recruiting and retaining teachers at Cassville,” he said.

Asbill said the classified schedule refers to a work term where different employee groups are paid by the hour.

“Some of those employee groups work year-around, 12-month terms, and some work only during the school year,” he said. “The base increase for classified staff was .15 cents per hour. Those employee groups that only work during the school year were a 10-cent base increase.”

Asbill said the board values all its employee groups and understands the time and effort needed to have Cassville remain a leading school district within the region and state.

“Our board remains supportive of attracting and retaining great employees, certified and classified,” he said. “The board, superintendent and staff conduct discussions during March, April and May regarding the salary and benefits offered by the district.”

Asbill said Jon Horner and Steve Henbest are the board members that serve on that Advisory Council group. 

“Jon and Steve were instrumental in the support of our staff and recommended adjustments to the salary schedules,” he said.

Ernest Raney, Exeter superintendent, said there will be a $500 increase to the base on the teacher salary schedule will cost the district approximately $15,000.

“This will set the base starting salary for a new teacher at $31,000,” he said.

Mindi Gates, Purdy superintendent, said certified and non-certified staff received their step increases as scheduled. This will set the base for a new teacher with a bachelor’s degree at $31,000.

Lance Massey, Wheaton superintendent, said Wheaton added $1,000 to the base of the certified salary schedule, bringing the starting pay for teachers to $31,500.

“Teachers will continue to receive their step in pay for experience which is 1.75 percent,” he said. “This will cost the district a little over $51,000.”

Massey said Wheaton added nearly 3.25 percent to the base on each category of hourly wage earners and those classified employees will continue to receive their 1.75 percent increase for experience.

“This will cost the district a little over $17,000,” he said.

Using the Purdy school district as an example of a step pay schedule, for step one, first-year teachers with a bachelor’s degree will start off at $31,000.

That staff member’s salary will raise $300 per year, as well as set amounts for continued education.

A first-year teacher with a master’s degree will start at $33,250.

Certified staff members cap out on the pay schedule at 33 years, a teacher with a bachelor’s degree at 33 years has a salary of $40,600, and with a master’s degree, $47,650.

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