Washburn chews on animal ordinances

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Residents approach city council about loose dogs

The city of Washburn had a recent discussion based on stray or abandoned dogs in city limits, but were unable to make any changes to ordinances already in place.

Emily Arnett, Washburn city clerk, said after concerned individuals in city limits approached her about the amount of dogs running around town, she brought the topic up to the board in the June city council meeting.

“We tell the owners that their animals have to stay in their yard, but sometimes that doesn’t always work,” she said. “We discussed if we should try to change the ordinances in place or other plans of action.”

Arnett said it doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally, there are strays dropped off.

“One of the aldermen had a stray dropped off on her property and she asked what she could do,” she said. “We have an ordinance that says if you feed a stray dog three times it then becomes your dog.”

Arnett said the city of Washburn has some kinds of animal control in place.

“But, as far as keeping them in a pound, the city just doesn’t have the funds to do that,” she said. “There are a lot of restrictions to get something like that going, and there would have to be extra personnel hired.”

Arnett said the board just discussed and reviewed the ordinances in place for animals in city limits.

For more information about the current ordinances people may call 417-826-5242 or visit Washburn City Hall.

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