$2.369 million in renovations for Southwest

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

District adding funds to supplement extra cost

The Southwest school district has approved adding $169,000 from its district budget to the original $2.2 million bond issue that passed on April 2.

The decision was made to add the extra funds when the school got word that it would cost $2.369 million to complete all of the projects previously listed.

Projects in the lower and upper elementary schools and middle school include:

Restroom renovations (student and faculty)

Asbestos removal

Middle school drainage

Energy efficient windows, doors, and lighting

Secure entrances and breezeway installation

Renovation of the multi-purpose room (removal of asbestos floor)

Lower elementary kitchen and cafeteria renovation and remodel

Fire alarm system installation

Plus, other miscellaneous renovations and repairs as discovered as long as funds are available.

Projects are planned to be completed this summer and ready for students at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

After seeing that those projects were going to cost more than the $2.2 million, there was discussion about what items or projects could be put off or taken from the list.

Some of those projects were lighting, windows and ceiling renovations.

The board decided it would be a better option to do all of the projects at once and do them right, leading to the approval of the additional $169,000 out of the district budget to the $2.2 million bond issue to complete the projects as planned.

During the school board meeting, Tosha Tilford, Southwest superintendent, said once the budget is approved, the contracts can be signed to get the process started. The work would have to start by April 22 for the renovations in the multi purpose room to be completed on time.

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