2008 sidewalk project in Wheaton progresses

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Project phase includes school property

The city of Wheaton has been working since 2008 on projects that include replacing sidewalks and street lights, and now with the transportation enhancement grant, the upcoming phase is going to be from the school to Fastrip on Santee Street.

Lance Massey, Wheaton superintendent, said the school district is excited to be a part of the city grant for the sidewalk.

“They are extending the sidewalk all the way to the ball fields,” he said. “At the moment, everyone is just trying to figure out all the details about where exactly that sidewalk will be going.”

Massey said they want to to work out to be the most user friendly for the people who will use it.

“There is a grassy area by the playground, and during times of baseball and softball games, we have people that park on that area,” he said. “We want to make sure that we place the sidewalk where people can still utilize that parking.”

Massey said he believes that from where everything stands now, the area in question will be used the most by both parking and people using the sidewalk.

“We are very supportive of the city including us in this sidewalk project,” he said. “It helps our students get safely from the ball fields all the way downtown.”

Massey said when the city was in the initial phases of the sidewalk project, he wrote a letter of support on behalf of the school.

“The main benefit to the school is to offer an easy and safe way for our students to access the grounds,” he said. “Since the city is working on the project with us for this part of it, we want to make sure that we get it done right. We work with the city regularly, and the city works with us. Two entities in the community of Wheaton are working together to make it better.”

Jerry McBride, part-time maintenance worker for the city of Wheaton, said the engineer will draw up an easement for the sidewalk depending on what the school and the city want.

“It is a city project, but it will be on school property,” he said. “It will be 6 feet wide and close to a block long.”

McBride said the reason it is being moved closer to the school property is to make sure there is room for vehicles to park when they need to.

“If we put it on the city right-of-way, people will be parking on top of the sidewalk,” he said.

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