Wheaton considers semi-truck ordinance

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Trucks parking on city streets causing visibility issues

Semi-trucks are 13-14 feet tall, and they can reach 80 feet long with a trailer attached to them.

Clint Danforth, Wheaton police chief, said the city has been having issues with large trucks driving on residential and city streets, unknowingly creating issues.

“Some of the semi-trucks with trailers have driven on the side of the road and that has caused some property damage,” he said. “The city is wanting to see about the possibility of getting a city ordinance on where they can and can’t drive.”

Danforth said the city is also considering having a designated spot for the truck drivers to park their rigs, rather than on their residential streets.

“We are checking with the city attorney to see what we can and can’t require those truck drivers to do,” he said. “The biggest issue with truck drivers parking their rigs on the street is that it can cause a visibility problem.”

Danforth said it can be difficult for other drivers to see around these large trucks.

“I believe what the city council is wanting to do, is to prohibit all large semi-trucks and even trucks without a trailer to be on the residential streets — anything other than delivery trucks,” he said.

Danforth said that it is possible that having the ordinance could possibly cause a conflict.

“We are looking into how we want to present this, and how we want to go about it before we even set up an ordinance on it,” he said.

According to Danforth, there is an area on Main Street and Highway 86 where some trucks are already parking.

“It’s called the old chicken plant lot,” he said. “Also, some in the lot over by Fastrip.”

Danforth said those areas are both private property, and there is no cost for the drivers to park there.

“[There’s no cost] unless the owners tell us otherwise,” he said. “Everyone has been doing it, and it has never been an issue.”

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