‘Hot’ new remodel ongoing at Cassville Pizza Hut

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
J.P Boley, with Atherton Restaurant Systems, the contractor Pizza Hut is working with for its remodel, is cutting into stainless steel to be put up at the waitress station of the freshly remodeled Pizza Hut. Re-open is set for Oct. 31. Jordan Privett/jprivett@cassville-democrat.com

Only 4 other stores in state have the newest changes

Those looking to order pizza recently have had less options, as Sean Thompson, assistant area manager for Pizza Hut, said the eatery has been closed because its look was getting outdated, and that prompted a remodel.

“We update a store to make it look brand new, and it helps to boost sales,” Thompson said. “When people drive through town, especially if they’re a tourist, usually they look for the newest, cleanest looking building. That is something Pizza Hut does anyway is update the store’s looks every so many years, but we are just doing an overhaul here.”

Roofers, with Plumlee Roofing, put on the black shingles that will change the restaurant’s look from the original red roof. Re-open is set for Oct. 31. Jordan Privett/jprivett@cassville-democrat.com

One huge change to the remodeled Pizza Hut will be away from the traditional red roof of Pizza Hut. With the remodel, it will have a black shingled roof.

According to Thompson, some of the renovations include a new logo and a new hometown sign inside the restaurant. Also coming in are new flooring, booths and tables, including high top tables with barstool like seating. Five new TVs will give a kind of sports restaurant ambiance, and there will be a community table that seats eight, as well as a new salad bar.

Thompson said the kitchen area has been updated over the last three years, so as of now, there isn’t anything set for new equipment there.

Included in the interior and exterior remodels, this Pizza Hut will also be a delivery store.

“We aren’t sure when just yet,” Thompson said. “We would love to have delivery available at open, but with so many parts moving as is, it makes it difficult logistically to get delivery up and running immediately.”

Thompson said what has been done with other stores is give the restaurant a few months to get used to the new store and sales. Then, we implement delivery at the store.

“We have to hire people who can drive for delivery,” Thompson said. “We really want to see more delivery. However, deliveries are limited to within an eight minute drive time from the store.”

According to Thompson, there will be some management changes as well.

“We have a new manager and assistant manager, and will have to replace some of the original crew for the additional business we expect,” Thompson said. “A lot of the crew change is due to the store being closed down for a couple of months. That’s understandable, we know that people have to work, and there just isn’t enough work for them to do at the job site.”

Thompson said Pizza Hut wants to give customers a good product with good customer service.

“We want to feel like a family with an open atmosphere,” Thompson said. “The new remodel for Pizza Hut is really going to pop, it really catches your eye when you drive through town.”

Cassville Pizza Hut is accepting applications, people may call 417-847-5503 and leave a name and number. Applicants will be called back and scheduled an interview, and once open people can walk in and fill out a paper application.

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