Marck Recycling gets face-lift with new space

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Renovated building offers lower risk of flooding

Marck Recycling’s corporate office, located in Cassville, is getting a face-lift, as the company bought the Commerce bank building located on the square and is renovating that building for a new look.

Kent Longley, Marck Recycling president, said the Commerce Bank building was purchased last summer, and Marck Recycling is moving from its current location to the square. The building it is in now is rented, and the company will be expanding.

“We will have nicer offices, which will help with morale for the people who work here,” Longley said. “Having more space will also help with new employees who will come into the company.”

Cassville is the corporate office for all 10 plants for the company, and they will be hiring more people in the brokerage and trucking departments.

Marck Recycling has been in business for 21 years, and has been located at 401 Main St. Suite E, since about 2009.

Rhonda Bentz, administrative assistant for Marck Recycling, is spearheading the project and said the brokerage and trucking logistics departments are already in the new building.

“We had been renovating the second floor, which used to be a break room and meeting room,” Bentz said. “Those renovations are already finished.”

Commerce Bank’s last day for business at the downtown location is Oct. 19, and it plans to have everything moved out by the end of October. The bank will then move all business to its location at 89 S. Main. The drive-thru is already open, and the lobby will open on Oct. 22.

“After Oct. 22, we can start renovating the downstairs,” Bentz said. “We are going to build more offices for the accounting department, where the teller station is now. Also, we will move where the entrance is to the front door.”

According to Bentz, if the renovations start on Oct. 22, the company hopes for everything to be completed by the first of the year.

“I think the downstairs will be easier to renovate than the upstairs,” Bentz said. “The upstairs hadn’t been renovated since the 1970s, so there was a lot of technical work that had to be done.”

Bentz said Marck Recycling had to put in new plumbing and do some electrical work.

“It is going to be great that we don’t have to worry about flooding anymore,” Bentz said. “We have flooded twice in the current building.”

Also, Bentz said the company will have more space, and employees are excited to have a nice break room.

“We will be within walking distance to Whitley’s, where a lot of the employees go for lunch,” Bentz said. “Also, we will be within walking distance to the post office, and we are all excited to make the move.”

Bentz said Commerce Bank has been easy to work with and are making it a smooth transition.

The current address for Marck Recycling is 401 Main St. Suite E, and the new location is 715 Main St.

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