Cassville annexes local highways, county roads

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Move offers public safety presence, identity to community

The city of Cassville’s territory has grown, as multiple local highways and county roads have now been annexed into the city limits.

According to David Brock, Cassville public works director, the state highways will remain under control of MoDOT for maintenance, and the only difference by annexing would be if MoDOT got a development request for a new driveway for a business. MoDOT would then work with the city of Cassville for the development plans.

“They will continue to determine what maintenance is done and what the speed limits are,” Brock said.

Brock said Flat Creek Special Road District has asked to continue to be responsible for maintenance on the county roads.

“The big thing would be public safety,” Brock said. “If any accidents occur on the newly annexed roads, the Cassville Police Department would be dispatched to work those accidents, and Cassville PD will also be able to do traffic enforcement there.”

According to Brock, where some of the old city limit signs stood made it difficult to determine if someone was in or out of city limits.

“Just having a city limit sign helps with identity of the community,” Brock said.

Brock said the city hopes this will make other properties eligible to annex, and they may have some interest in doing that.

Annexing into city limits saves on utility bills because there are surcharges on bills if you are outside of city limits.

“Any property owner can request to be annexed into city limits,” Brock said. “Eventually, the goal would be to close in all the gaps and have consistency throughout town.”

Although it is not unusual to have little islands of unincorporated areas inside of city limits, the city is aiming for consistency with nuisance code enforcement, building codes and zoning regulations.

“Those are things that help preserve the value of property,” Brock said.

Roads annexed into the city include:

• Business Highway 37 from north of Laray Street to near Crowder college’s Cassville campus

• Farm Road 2160 from Business Highway 37 to the Cassville Municipal Airport

• Mill road from Highway 37 to Farm Road 2172

• Highway 37 from Farm Road 2610 south to just past Sale Barn Road

• Business Highway 37 from just west of Highway 37 going east into the former city limit sign

• Old Highway 37

• Sale Barn road from Highway 37 east to the former city limit sign

• Farm Road 1110 south about half a mile from Sale Barn Road

• Highway 248 from the former city limit sign east to just past Evans Lane.

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