Dana Kammerlohr: Drivers should use caution as school starts

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Cassville School will start on Aug. 15.

With the start of school, there will be an increase of traffic and greater need of safety awareness.

Drivers need to use extreme cautions in school zones. If you need to be somewhere at a certain time after dropping your child/children at school, you may need to allow some extra time. The first of the school year is always hectic, so please be prepared for possible delays. Be aware of children who are walking, especially at crosswalks. Remember the speed limit in the school zones is lowered during school hours make sure you slow down.

There was a change made last year we want to remind you of. When turning onto Main Street from 14th Street before and after school, when students are using the cross walk, you must turn right. Left turns are prohibited. This is for the safety of the students and also to prevent traffic backup.

Another concern is how traffic on Main Street backs up when vehicles are turning into the parking lot at the intermediate school campus, which causes traffic congestion in the area. Please be aware of students and have patience during this time.

When students walk to school, parents should talk to them concerning safety and walk the route with them before school starts, if possible. When walking, students need to be aware of traffic and remember to look both ways, to cross the streets at the cross walks and to be sure not to dart out in traffic.

Children need to use the sidewalks when available if they are walking to school, they should not walk in the road. Children who ride bikes to school need to know and follow the traffic laws.

Also, when riding the bus, children need to be respectful of each other and not distract the driver yelling and fighting are strictly forbidden.

We wish everyone a safe school year.

Dana Kammerlohr is the chief of police for the City of Cassville.