Serpentine shopper: snake finds way onto shopping cart in Cassville Walmart

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Nonvenomous snake goes for short ride on cart before being released

"I've been carrying my cart around, grabbing my groceries, and I find out I have a freaking snake on it."

This was the commentary from Rick Bowers, who did not know at first he was getting some help in his Cassville Walmart shopping expedition in the form of a serpentine in tow.

The passenger appears to be a young great plains rat snake, also known as a house snake or Emory's snake, which the Missouri Department of Conservation says is seldom seen. The nonvenomous species common in Missouri may grow up to 24-36 inches in length. It may vibrate its tail when alarmed and bite to defend itself, but the bite is harmless.

Nonetheless, Bowers was sure to show the snake to staff of the store before taking his cart outside to release it.

Check out Bowers' video of the encounter:

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