MU Specialist tells where to place indoor plants

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Houseplants should be a part of every home, according to Patrick Byers, a horticulture specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

"Houseplants add a note of beauty, they improve the indoor environment, and they have proven emotional benefits," said Byers.

So how should you choose the proper houseplant?

First, evaluate the light, temperature and humidity conditions in your home.

In general, high light intensity comes from windows on the south or west, medium light intensity from the east and low light intensity from the north.

Regarding temperature, a house kept in the 50-70 degree range is considered cool, a range of 55-80 is considered medium, and 65-90 is considered warm.

There are ways to modify the environment of your home for the sake of plants. To improve lighting try the use of artificial light. Temperature can be altered by changing the thermostat, and pebble trays or humidifiers help with humidity.

"It is better to choose plants that fit the environment of your house," said Byers.

If you have a sunny window in the bedroom (with high light, warm temperatures, low humidity), Byers recommends choosing cacti or succulents.

For a bathroom (with low light, warm temperature, and high humidity) Byers says ferns will do great.

In the kitchen (with high light, warm temperatures, and high humidity) there are many options, but it is ideal for tropical plants.