Johnson appointed new Cassville Chamber president

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Chiropractor: 'Cassville is headed in the right direction'

Dr. Chad Johnson, D.C., owner of Johnson Chiropractic Sports and Wellness Clinic, was recently appointed as new president for the Cassville Area Chamber of Commerce, beginning his three-year term Jan. 1.


Johnson replaces outgoing Chamber president, Jeff Swadley.

Johnson joined the Chamber in 2016, serving on its board and helping support its programs and initiatives since moving to Cassville in 2015 to open his chiropractic clinic, where he specializes in sports injuries and wellness.

"I was asked to serve on the board in 2016," Johnson said.

In his first year on the board, Johnson was asked if he would like to serve as future president, and now that he has been appointed to the position, he looks forward to serving the community.

"We've got new ideas with promoting our website, and new ways of advertising for our members and will be introducing those throughout the year," he said. "Our biggest goal is joining with everyone else and making Cassville better, and, basically, to keep working with the city, the Roaring River area, and the Cassville Industrial Development Corporation to continue the progress in town."

To accomplish that common goal, the Chamber is syncing with other alike entities in the community.

"For example, our Chamber Director Brittany Crawford and City Administrator Steve Walensky have been working together, and Brittany has been working with the new promotions and branding of the city," Johnson said. "So, I think we're on the right path of getting to where Cassville needs to be."

Johnson praised the Chamber, saying it benefited his own business when he first came to Cassville.

"It's benefited me greatly because it not only helps business owners with knowledge of running a business, but also gets you out with other business owners to have that casual time with them to where you can talk person-to-person, and with just building all those bridges that you need to have intact to have a successful business," he said.

Johnson said he is falling right into his new role.

"I was nervous at first, but after two years [of serving on the Board], I am excited because Cassville is headed in the right direction," he said. "It's going to be fun to see what happens in the next three years."

Brittany Crawford, chamber director, welcomed Johnson.

"The Chamber is excited to have Dr. Chad Johnson serving as our 2018 Chamber President," she said. "Not only is he a local business owner, but extremely involved with community events and other organizations. He will bring his knowledge to the board to help better and grow the Cassville Chamber."

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