Deputy eludes attacking dog in Arkansas

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dog broke off chain at home of August assault victim

A Barry County Sheriff's Office detective had to be quick on his feet Wednesday, as he narrowly avoided being bitten by a charging pit bull while on a follow-up interview in Arkansas.

According to Det. Rob Evenson, with the Barry County Sheriff's Office, his partner, Det. Doug Henry, left in the morning for Rogers, Ark., to do a follow-up interview with the victim of an alleged assault at a Cassville home in August.

"Doug got there, got up on the porch, and the dog broke its chain," Evenson said. "It got up to the porch and doug had to jump over the porch railing. He landed on his back and injured his hand, but he did not get bitten."

Evenson said Henry was seen by a doctor and had no fractures, just numerous cuts.

"Doug is one of the most fit deputies we have," Evenson said. "He has a lot of scrapes, but no bone breaks.

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