Bank, deputies, local schools donate for Harvey relief

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Construction company box trailer taking second trip to Texas

Multiple communities in Barry County came together last week to donate a trailer full of supplies to be sent to Texas for Hurricane Harvey relief, the second of such shipments from the area.

People’s Community Bank, the Barry County Sheriff’s Office, the Exeter school district and the Southwest school district collected donations through Thursday.

“We were just thinking of ways we could help, and we discussed it with the staff and decided to put the drive together,” said Crystal Walker, facility manager at the People’s Community Bank in Washburn. “Barry County Sheriff’s Office brought their trailer Thursday, and we picked up the school stuff Friday morning. We have everything from animal food to clothes, personal hygiene items, baby supplies, food and bedding.”

Walker said Chris Cutberth, with Cutberth Construction in Seligman, volunteered to use one of his company trucks to deliver the donations to Houston. He left for the city on Friday.

“He’s going to be contacting a preacher at Under Over Fellowship Church in Conroe, Texas, to deliver items to the church, and if they don’t need them, he’s going to the Texas-Louisiana border,” Walker said. “We wanted to work with a church because we think it will benefit people a bit more.”

Walker said she was amazed by the response of the community when the drive began.

“It’s been amazing,” she said. “Me and the staff, [four people total], had to come in at 6:30 a.m. to sort donations because our lobby was completely full and you couldn’t walk through it.”

The delivery is not Cutberth’s first, as he took another load down the week before Walker’s drive ended. Terry Burgess, owner of Seligman Gun and Pawn, said his shop donated some items and called on Facebook for donations.

“We put quite a bit in that truck,” he said. “We donated bedding, a pallet of water (82 total cases) and tents, and Harps donated toothpaste and baby wipes.

“This just shows how much our community cares, that they will get together and send to people who are in need. It makes me kind of proud.”

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