State agency shortens name, seeks new image

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
As a result of a rebranding and attempt to develop a fresh, new image, The Southwest Missouri Office on Aging changed its name to SeniorAge. The agency sought to shorten its name to something easier to remember and develop a new, fresh image. The agency also created a new logo — a swaying tree bearing mixed colors of leaves, which represents diversity in the residents they serve, and forward motion in services to seniors. Contributed photo

Missouri Office on Aging in process of rebranding

As a result of a state agency's name change, the Cassville and Shell Knob senior centers, along with more than three dozen senior centers across the state, will be changing some signage and communication materials to reflect the agency's new name.

The Southwest Missouri Office on Aging, which partners with local agencies to provide services to seniors, is now known as SeniorAge Area Agency on Aging, or just SeniorAge. The change was announced last year, but will take time to be fully implemented in the agency's 36 centers.

"We're in the process of updating signage within our centers," said Juli Jordan, marketing and development director for the agency."

The main reason behind the change was rebranding and shortening the name to something a little easier.

"SeniorAge is certainly much easier to say and remember, and I like the fact that our new name tells the public the people who we serve. "It's fresh, it's exciting, it's colorful. We like to bring enthusiasm into work. We got our employees new shirts, and it's really a nice change of atmosphere for everybody."

Locally, it the change will not affect centers on a large scale, said Jerry Arnold, chief executive officer for Central Crossing Senior Center.

"It hasn't affected us, other than the change of business materials," he said. "The reason was to get away from the connotation of sounding like a government agency. It was time to get a different image."

Jordan said the previous name did not really describe the agency well or the demographic it serves.

"We researched it for years and decided SeniorAge really says it all," she said. "Why not age gracefully? It all fit together. We're really proud of our name change, are growing our brand name and image, and helping our communities identify with who we are and what we do in a 17-county area."

The new logo — a swaying tree bearing mixed colors of leaves — represents diversity in the residents the agency serves, along with forward motion in services to seniors.

"It’s as exciting as fireworks filling the sky, yet represents the changing stages in life just as leaves change with each season," Jordan said.

Regardless of the name change, all centers continue their mission of developing and delivering a wide array of services and supports to help seniors stay independent as long as possible.

"We do this through five core services, including supportive services, caregiver encouragement, nutrition, health and wellness programs and advocacy," Jordan said. "SeniorAge also offers care coordination, Medicare education and enrollment, tax assistance, respite and transportation. In addition, you’ll always be greeted by friendly staff; receive a warm, nutritious meal; and engage in an abundance of activity to round out your day."

For more information, people may visit the Cassville or Shell Knob senior centers, or the agency's website at

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