Cassville begins work on monument

Wednesday, June 7, 2017
New graduate monuments selected by the Cassville school district are now being constructed and are anticipated to be complete later this month. The tributes replace the previous sidewalk memorial bearing the names of past graduates from approximately 1929-1971. The monuments include four tables, which will hold a total of 22 plaques. Special lighting will be added, and a texture applied to complement the JC Duncan Gymnasium rock. Local contractors Classic Concrete and Barry County Ready-Mix are completing the work. Julia Kilmer/

Graduate monuments to pay tribute to students, continue tradition

A project to create a new style of monument to continue a tradition of honoring graduates is coming full circle for the Cassville school district.

Despite ongoing, intermittent flooding episodes in recent weeks, Dusty Reid, director of facilities and operations, reported that the concrete has been poured for the monuments that the district selected nearly a year ago.

“They’ve been dealing with weather, but poured the footings for the monuments about two weeks ago,” Reid said.

The monument, which includes four tables that will hold a total of 21 plaques bearing the names of graduates from the years of 1922 through 1971, and one plaque bearing the district’s logo and alma mater, will be available for public view along the front of the Rock Gym.

“The plaques are complete and ready to be mounted,” said Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent, who reported that completion is anticipated this month. “We will also be adding accent lighting in this area. The bases are complete, but the outer covering that will have a texture still needs to be applied. Then, the tops where the plaques will be mounted can be poured. Those will also have a texture applied to complement the JC Duncan Gymnasium rock.”

The tribute replaces the previous sidewalk memorial along Main Street, which were removed last year due to a right-of-way conflict with MoDOT, rendering the memorial out of the realm of the school’s control. The sidewalks were in large part preserved and moved to the grounds of the Barry County Museum by local residents.

Therefore, the district wanted to create a new style of monument that would not decay and could not be taken away. A special committee was formed to review several designs.

“We looked at different options, such as whether to use plaques or engraved granite, or new sidewalks with names embedded in them, and this was the design the committee thought would look the best, last the longest and be most cost-effective,” Reid said.

The tribute will bear the names of past Cassville students who graduated in the Rock Gym, whose names were previously embedded in the sidewalk in front of the building.

“There were a few additions [of names] because some of the sidewalks had been taken out years ago due to Main Street expansion,” Reid said.

“We refer to the monument as an alumni tribute,” Asbill said. “The committee who helped direct the plans indicated they would prefer it be a tribute to the former graduates of Cassville rather than a memorial.

“We are very excited about the project and the opportunity to recognize our past and future graduates in a manner that will last, and give tribute to their accomplishments made here at Cassville school.”

Jeremiah Beyer, owner of Classic Concrete and a Cassville alumnus, will be doing the work, along with Barry County Ready-Mix.  

The district plans to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony when the tributes are completed.

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