Security system gets a $12,000 boost at Purdy schools

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New security camera server upgrades old unit that failed

The Purdy school district purchased a new server for its security camera system for $12,557, including installation, after its old server stopped working.

Superintendent Steven Chancellor said the old server died and it required emergency action to restore service.

"For speed, we did not do a formal bid process, but using all of my past technology contacts and my prior history with security systems, I was able to sift through the information very quickly," Chancellor said. "I looked at an option that would integrate with our current firewall and be purchased through our current tech partner, k12itc. That option was too costly. I also considered a system through a Springfield dealer. It was not able to scale to what we needed.

Chancellor settled on Kenton Brothers, based in Kansas City, the company who services Purdy's existing key system and access control system.

"Their solution integrates with our access control system and allows us to continue using our existing cameras," he said.

Final cost for the new server, software and assistance with installation is $12,557. Board action was required to approve purchases over $10,000.

Chancellor told board members he was pleased with the product, which gave the district capabilities the system previously lacked.

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