Dana Kammerlohr: Officers appreciated for work

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We live in amazing area in Missouri. In the last few weeks the Cassville Police Department has experienced an outpouring of support to our officers and I know other departments have experienced the same.


Our officers have received encouragement by words, cards, items given to each officer and department wide; this has been from individuals, churches and business. September 11th several churches in the community held an appreciation service for First Responders and our Veterans. Our hats are off to you for showing your support during these trying times of law enforcement.

We put a wreath in front of our office in memory and honor of those officers killed in the line of duty. The next day a person had left flowers by the wreath....unfortunately the following day they were gone. We took notice of the flowers and were touched.

I have seen Cassville police officers give their time and money for people in need. They have not expected anything in return.

Sometimes officers are taken for granted for the job they do daily, for putting their life on the line for others and as their Chief I want the community to know that we as a department have taken notice of your support. At times we have to make choices that individuals are not pleased with but we are here to enforce the law, to protect others and to serve our communities.

Recently the actions of some officers who have had to make those very hard decisions have come into question. Our officers do not make these decisions recklessly. They live with the constant reminder of the events that happen, the situation they were placed in and the actions that situation produced. Yet they put on their uniforms and go out again to protect and serve the communities they live in.

We live in a wonderful area and it is nice to know officers are appreciated for the work they do. Thank you and God bless all of you who encouraged and honored our officers.

Dana Kammerlohr is Cassville's police chief.