Letter to the Editor

Ron Anderson: Mental failures of both presidential candidates

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dear Editor,

In less than 60 days, Americans will experience the most unusual, or rather absurd, presidential election in our history.

It is not the election itself that is out of the normal, but the mental failure of the two candidates. The U.S. Congress, made up of Representatives and Senators, has for 50 years been my object of study regarding the social and inner psyche of Congressional members' thinking.

Every study has a result -- in my effort -- five characteristics dominant in the obvious public personas of Congressmen and Congresswomen. The five are: robots, zombies, mummies, maggots and idiots. Secondary traits of political creatures are: super-egos; greed; a giant urge for recognition; self-immortalization, the legacy-fame thing; power; bullying, by bullies, our kids learn from adults; and the repetitious use of the word "I."

This November, we vote for one of two candidates for president who both now share the sociological behavior aspects of Congresspersons.

Are Americans themselves to blame?

With regrets,

Ron Anderson