Late State Mondays continuing at Purdy schools

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Superintendent defends practice against criticism

Despite some concerns by patrons, Purdy School Superintendent Steven Chancellor defended continuing Late Start Mondays as a professional development time block into the new year.

"There is much value in running buses late on Mondays," said Chancellor to school board members. "We have no meals to serve with no one here. Student supervision is the number one issue."

On Late Start Mondays, classes begin by 9:15 a.m., instead of an hour earlier.

Chancellor noted some parents take advantage of the district's services as babysitting. The worst offenders seem to be children who usually ride the bus whose families brought their students to school anyway.

"We've had people wait for someone to arrive to kick their kids out of the car," Chancellor said. "Our biggest worry is the little kids. Pierce City had fear and complaints on going to a four-day school. After a while, people got used to it."

Chancellor stressed professional development is important to the future of the school.

"Everyone wants school to get better but don't want it to change," Chancellor said. "We can't do that. This is one thing we have in place that makes a difference.

"The work we're doing is very important. We need to do it. We can't have kids here to do it."

Board members took no action, leaving the strategy in place.

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