City to get a new Ford Interceptor SUV

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Vehicle purchased for $27,483

The city of Cassville will soon be getting a new patrol car to add to its fleet -- a 2016 Ford Interceptor SUV.

Dana Kammerlohr, city police chief, said the new vehicle, the seventh patrol car in the fleet, will complete a need to help better serve the community.

"Before this purchase, some vehicles were running 24-hours-a-day, especially when there was a vehicle down for service," she said. "And, an officer assigned to the next shift had to wait for the first officer to finish up a call so the second officer would have the vehicle for their shift."

Kammerlohr said the department uses Dodge Chargers and Ford Interceptor SUVs, along with one Ford 5000, which is assigned to investigations.

The new vehicle, which cost $27,483, will have an assignment of its own as well.

"It will be put in patrol service rotation and will be utilized on a 12-hour shift," she said.

New vehicles are typically put into a patrol service rotation because older models begin to cost the city due to increased maintenance expenses as they age.

"We have tried to purchase a new vehicle every year so we are not having the problem of a vehicle with high maintenance costs," Kammerlohr said. "With this rotation schedule, maintenance costs have gone down and it helps ensure a reliable vehicle is available to the officers when responding to calls, which include non-emergency and emergency calls. The vehicles on average, are in service on patrol three to four years."

Having a reliable vehicle is crucial to respond to the volume of calls requesting service. In 2015, the department responded to over 5,961 calls.

Kammerlohr said the department's oldest vehicle is a 2005 model, and newest, the 2016 model. Vehicles in the fleet are not equipped with laptop computers, but obtaining them is on the department's radar. However, all have been equipped with dash-cams since 2010.

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