Purdy man charged with possession after altercation

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Officer issues citation for assault on law enforcement officer, resisting arrest

A Purdy man is facing a felony charge after an altercation with law enforcement led to his arrest on Saturday.

Pedro Martinez-Velasquez, 28, of Purdy, is charged with possession of a controlled substance, and has been released from the Barry County jail on a $15,000 bond.

According to a probable cause statement filed by Russ Nichols, Purdy Police officer, a disturbance call came in from a home on N. Caledonia. Nichols responded and made contact with Martinez-Velasquez's sister, who said her brother had allegedly been threatening her and her family, and she believed he was on some type of illegal substance.

Nichols said he went inside and made contact with Martinez-Velasquez, who was being very belligerent and refused to answer any questions.

"I told Pedro he would have to leave, and he said he wasn't going anywhere," Nichols said in the statement. "I again told Pedro that he would have to leave or I would place him under arrest."

Nichols said Martinez-Velasquez became more belligerent, leading him to call in back-up from the Barry County Sheriff's Office. Nichols and Deputy Kerry Hedrick attempted to arrest Martinez-Velasquez, but he resisted.

"We assisted Pedro to the floor, at which point he began screaming and kicking me in the back," Nichols said. "After a struggle, we finally were able to get Pedro in handcuffs and leg shackles."

Nichols said he asked Martinez-Velasquez if he was on an illegal substance, and Martinez-Velasquez did not respond, but did allegedly consent to a search.

"I conducted a search of his room with Pedro present," Nichols said. "On his clothes dresser I found two small ziplock baggies that contained a white, powdery residue. I field-tested the baggies, and they tested positive for methamphetamine."

Nichols said he also issued Martinez-Velasquez two citations: third-degree assault on law enforcement, and resisting arrest.

Martinez-Velasquez was released from the Barry County jail on Monday, and a court date has yet to be determined for the felony charge. A court date for the citations has been set for April 25 at 1 p.m.

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