Bob Mitchell: Tips for a good New Year

Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Bob Mitchell Ozark Views & Comments

To kick off 2016, how about a difference of opinion about the coming sidewalk program instituted by MoDOT that will remove the historical name sidewalks on the Cassville R-4 campus?

There are a number of projects that could be well served with the funds, regardless of from where the directive came to destroy the existing walkways containing names of hundreds of grads.

There isn't a monument idea that will replace those sidewalks. In my memory are the years that those names were placed in concrete, using wooden type loaned to the school district by the Cassville Democrat. The type was provided after a pledge by the vo-ag department that it would be as clean as when received. There was apparently never a problem.

Better project

A better use for the money would be to add a pedestrian bridge over Flat Creek, or even replace the crossing that is becoming entirely more narrow than is safe for some traffic.

If there's money left over, move on east to the Horner Branch crossing. This project could remove the need for periodic replacement of guardrails, due to trucks turning in the narrow approach when going south to east.

Improvement to the storm drainage in midtown -- or at least a possible cleaning of existing structures, above and below ground -- could avert damage to properties as experienced this past summer.

Restoring a four-lane Highway 37 -- the most heavily-traveled route in this area -- might be out of the question with available funds, but should always remain on the plate in the future.

Always on our mind

For the Missouri Conservation Commission, after their failed partridge-stocking program of several years ago, how about at least an attempt for a bob white quail program?

I visited with some folks in Siloam Springs, Ark., recently, and the men -- once residents of this area -- lamented the years they once hunted the bob whites in this area. Now, they travel to western Kansas to spend their allowances for trips.

New Year suggestions

* Cassville R-4 might reconsider distribution of window cards and pocket schedules for sports programs. I'm sure the systems still want people to know when the teams are in action. These were much appreciated in years past.

* If the Irwin-Easley American Legion has decided not to continue the Veterans Day Breakfast in 2016, there's another possibility.

* It would be difficult to improve on Cassville's Christmas Parade from recent years. Perhaps a few more bands could be in the line of march.

* The City of Cassville and Barry Electric Co-op expansion of streetlights in areas not now being served would surely be appreciated by those residences now in the city limits, but minus some municipal services.

* Cassville could remove an unsightly mess at the Flat Creek highway bridge by spilling some diesel on drifted materials on the downstream side of the crossing and then dropping a match on the mess.

* The city government might make a step toward modernization by following the area trend of getting city limit lines in appropriate distances beyond existing signings.

Trusty almanac

If you are without a 2016 Almanac, I'd suggest you get your hands on one. It would be difficult for me to do without mine. Hear is some January information.

* The best fishing days will be Jan. 12-13.

* If you plan on painting your house, choose a dry moon period. The paint will dry quicker.

* For a full head of hair, cut when the moon is increasing.

* To stop smoking, begin between full and new moon.

* The first U.S. appendectomy was preformed in Iowa in 1885.

* Best baking days this month are Jan. 14-16, 21-22 and 28-29. The reason why was not provided. Some still think any day is good for baking some things.

* Farmers might know this one: If the bull leads the cows to pasture, expect rain, if the cows precede the bull, the weather will be uncertain.

* When fish break water and bite eagerly, expect rain.

* Many springs that have gone dry will have a good flow of water before rain.

* Burning wood pops more before a rain or snow.

Have a good year

A good year is exactly what I'm looking for with my Chevy that is a year older and a ninth great-grandchild due in Washington, D.C., the first of February.

Our wishes are for the best 12 months possible and good health for everyone, coming from Mitchells in North Carolina, Florida, D.C., Colorado, Kansas and Missouri.

May each and every one of you receive God's blessings, hopefully to find true peace throughout this earth in 2016.

Bob Mitchell is the former editor and publisher of the Cassville Democrat.