Sales tax payments provide boosts

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

All bi-county cities but 1 record gains over 2014

Sales tax receipts found fertile ground in 2015 for local cities and counties.

All but two Barry County cities showed gains in December, compared to year ago, and every city but one showed a gain for the year, while the short-comer missed the mark by less than $25.

Sales tax coming to cities and counties in Barry and Lawrence counties in December totaled $1,896,962.42, up 6 percent from a year ago. With the same 50 taxes collected a year ago, compared to 37 taxes 10 years ago, sales tax income sits at a record level, more than $400,000 higher than in 2005.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $589,729, up 16 percent from a year ago. Only Purdy and Wheaton failed to best last December's numbers.

Cassville's 1-percent sales tax for general bills produced $90,015.40, breaking a two-month dip below 2014 totals after four consecutive months of better numbers. Seligman's 1-percent tax produced $9,825.81, leaving only three out of 12 months where receipts, powered by the town's Walmart, fell below $8,000, a gain of $2,453.82 over last December. Washburn's 1-percent tax yielded $3,859.62, up $1,138.04 and making up all but $290.79 of the November shortfall.

Wheaton's 1-percent tax reverted back to normal, generating $6,351.46, double the half-percent tax, compared to last December, when the 1-percent tax produced 2.82 times the half-percent tax. Exeter's 1-percent tax generated $1,840.93, up $23.17 from a year ago.

Purdy's 1-percent general fund tax ended the year with almost half the amount received a year ago, though the $6,603.23 was the second-largest December disbursement since 2009, before the city cut its collections for general expenses in half.

Though down $5,742.22 from last December, the sum boosted the six-month fiscal year total to $40,597.89, the best in six years. The 2015 sum of $72,605.06, the best in six years and better than every year except the four when all of the 2-percent sales tax went toward general bills, was 10 percent better than in 2014.

Monett, after closing 2014 with the smallest sales tax disbursement in four years, bounced back with the best December in four years. The two taxes totaling 1 percent for the general fund generated $184,679.18, up $37,154.63 from a year ago, the fourth best December on record.

The total boosted Monett's nine-month fiscal year tally to $1,470,758.49, or $2,542.95 behind last year's pace, which the city has lagged behind for the past five months. The general fund finished 2015 at $1,933,010.57, beating out 2008 for the all-time record and topping 2014 by nearly $115,000, or 6 percent.

County-wide taxes benefitted from the strong municipal showing.

Barry County's two half-percent taxes each generated $199,250, up nearly $22,300 from last December, a strong finish after falling short of 2014 totals in three out of the last six months. County totals bested 2014's rate by 5 percent.

Barry County's sales tax funding the 911 service received $149,317.39 in December, up $18,122.39 from a year ago. The 911 sales tax revenues grew by 35 percent in 2015, after increasing by 28 percent in 2014 and 16 percent in 2013.

Sales tax collected in 2015 for area entities; Cityand 1 percent generalcompared to 2014 listed
Aurora $1,151,342.35 +6%
Cassville $929,815.41 +7%
Exeter $21,068.10 --.01%
Marionville $171,847.95 +5%
Miller (1.5%) $93,167.40 +12%
Monett $1,933,010.57 +6%
Mt. Vernon $764,109.72 +33%
Pierce City (1.125%) $115,920.37 +11%
Purdy $72,605.06 +10%
Seligman $116,294.24 +45%
Verona $34,507.80 +4%
Washburn $26,198.36 +10%
Wheaton $67,018.63 --12%
Barry County(1/2%) $2,031,442.27 +5%
Lawrence County(1/2%) $1,552,380.07

Total tax numbers

The following tax amounts reflect the total amount of taxes collect by each city and county, in 2015, as compared to 2014.


With three taxes, Aurora took in $2,178,886,42, an increase of $1,442.72 over 2014. For its use tax the city took in $129,728.66, a gain of $52,374.56 from 2014.


With four taxes, Cassville took in a total of $2,193,092.24. Factoring out two months of transportation tax collected in 2014, that represented an increase of $129,515.99 on the general fund, capital improvements and park and storm water tax revenues. The half-cent transportation tax produced $308,437.75 more than in the previous year.


With one tax, Exeter collected $21,068.10, a drop of $23.44 over 2014.


Marionville, which has five taxes, collected $432,531.08, a gain of $28,239.99 over 2104.


Miller, which collects four taxes, took in $134,790.65, an increase of $15,320.97 from 2014.


Monett, which has four taxes, took in $3,363,875.45, an increase of $201,671.90.

Mt. Vernon

With three taxes, Mt. Vernon raised $1,528,022.81, a gain of $381,659.53 in the first full calendar year of Walmart operating in the city. Mt. Vernon's sunsetted capital improvements tax, still generating revenue in October even though the tax was dropped in 2010, produced $97.27 for the year.

Pierce City

Pierce City, which collects five taxes, took in $221,303.12, an increase of $20,988.57 over 2014.


With three taxes, Purdy collected $137,852.98, an increase of $8,153.02 over 2014.


Seligman, which has four taxes and also had its first full year of operations from a Walmart, collected $261,462.12, up $73,712.81 from a year ago.


With three taxes, Verona collected $69,009.96, a gain of $3,293.61 over 2014.


Washburn, which collects three taxes, took in $52,397.44, an increase of $4,741.94 over 2014.


With two taxes, Wheaton took in $102,219.74, a gain of $1,209.26 over 2014. Wheaton's taxes continued to show curious trends, a pattern that started in 2013, where the 1 percent general fund tax most of the time produces two-and-a-half times what the half-percent tax generates. The half-cent tax showed a healthy 40 percent gain on the year, but the one-percent tax reflected a 12 percent drop, compared to inflated payments the previous year. The one-percent tax appears to be receiving past-due payments owed prior to the half-percent tax starting.

Barry County

Barry County, which levies three taxes, took in $4,567,539.47, a gain of $207,138.57 over 2014. This included the second full year of collections from the one-eighth-cent tax to augment general operations, producing $504,431.56.

Barry County 911

The 3/8-percent 911 tax garnered $1,519,196.94, an increase of $390,563.46 over 2014.

Lawrence County

Lawrence County, which collects three taxes, received $4,220,771.89, a gain of $121,470.15 over 2014. The numbers do not represent a true comparison, since the half-percent sales tax for the Justice Center dropped to a quarter-percent beginning in August, once the debt for the building was paid off. The two half-cent taxes for general operations and for funding road and bridge maintenance showed a gain of $578,837.75 for the year.

No report is yet available on how much sales tax has been generated by the new Barry County sales tax supporting the South Barry County Ambulance District.

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