Most wanted man arrested at active meth lab

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Deputies talk down 41-year-old with shotgun on Hwy. H

A Monett man on the Barry County Sheriff's Office's most wanted list was arrested Wednesday afternoon at a home on Highway H, where the suspect allegedly had a sawed-off shotgun and an active meth lab.


After being talked down by deputies to surrender, Shannon Barlow, 41, of Monett, was arrested on a warrant for second-degree burglary charge and transported to the Barry County Jail.

Mick Epperly, Barry County sheriff, said he, Deputy Angela Cole and Det. Robert Evenson had a tip Barlow may be at a home on Highway H, about 2.2 miles north of Monett. Finding the home, which had solar panels on the roof, deputies got no answer at the door.

"Rob went to the front door and rang the bell, Angela went to the back, and at the back of the garage, it smelled like a meth lab," Epperly said. "[Barlow] was there and had a sawed-off shotgun at his side. He said we were just going to have to shoot him, but we were saying, 'Drop the gun, drop the gun,' and he finally complied. He kept saying he did not want to go to jail.

"I contacted Lawrence County before we went up and got permission, but we didn't realize we'd get into something like this. You never know."

Epperly said the gun was a .20-gauge with one slug inside. He said because of the length of the weapon and Barlow's criminal history, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms may file weapon violation charges.

Epperly said there were two other people in the home, but had no warrants and were not arrested. He said they probably knew the meth lab was there, but were not involved in cooking the substance.

Barlow will likely have charges now coming out of Lawrence County, in addition to the warrant he is being held on now.

Lawrence County deputies and Drug Task Force officers later responded to the scene after a search warrant was granted, allowing them to deal with the meth lab.

The Monett Fire Department's hazardous materials response team was placed on standby. The Monett Rural Fire District firefighters and the Barry-Lawrence Ambulance stationed vehicles near the scene as long as officers remained on site.

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