Purdy postal employee facing drug charge

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Drug Task Force arrests woman for oxycodone possession

A Purdy Post Office employee was arrested Wednesday by the Southwest Missouri Drug Task Force on a charge of felony possession of a controlled substance.

Clinton Danforth, task force officer, said the task force had received multiple reports concerning the state of Barbara Plowick, 34, of Monett, while she was working for the post office.

Danforth said after hours, at about 6 p.m on Jan. 26, he was headed to Plowick's residence to investigate a report that items stolen by another person, James Harkins Jr., were at her home.

Danforth said Plowick pulled in front of him on Highway 37, and he initiated a traffic stop after she ran two stop signs, pulling her over in the Ramey parking lot in Purdy.

In a probable cause statement, Danforth said he seized from Plowick's purse one syringe that was filled with a clear substance. After reading her Miranda Rights, Danforth said she agreed to discuss the syringe, allegedly saying it was liquid oxycodone that she got at about lunch time from Harkins.

Danforth did not arrest her at that time, as he needed to send a sample of the liquid to the state crime lab for identification.

Danforth said the lab identified the substance as liquid oxycodone on May 18, and Plowick was arrested by a reserve deputy on Wednesday.

She is charged with possession of a controlled substance, a class C felony. She is being held in the Barry County jail on a $10,000 bond.

Harkins was arrested in April after leading police on a chase through Purdy that ended at a residence on Farm Road 2090. Officers found Harkins hiding in a closet in the home.

It was determined he was wanted on a felony warrant for parole violation, and a search of his vehicle uncovered a glass pipe wrapped in a paper towel that field-tested positive for the presence of Methamphetamine.

Also recovered was a set of digital scales, several small plastic baggies, four hypodermic syringes, and three ziplock bags that contained a large amount a substance that field-tested positive for marijuana.

A loaded Ruger LCP .380 caliber handgun and several rounds of ammunition were also recovered from the vehicle.

Harkins was charged with: possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver; a class B felony; possession of a controlled substance, a class C felony; unlawful possession of a firearm, a class C felony; resisting arrest, a class D felony; and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, a class D felony.

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