Cassville Police Department buys new vehicle

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Cassville Police Department officers Jason Manning, left, and Garry Thornton, discuss the day's work after responding to a call in the department's Dodge Charger, which will soon be traded in for a 2015 Ford Explorer at a total cost of $20,399 through Les Jacobs Ford in Cassville. Kyle Troutman

CPD trades in old Charger, purchases 2015 Ford Explorer

The Cassville Police Department's vehicle fleet will be changing soon, as the department has traded in one of its Dodge Chargers in favor of a new 2015 Ford Explorer.

Dana Kammerlohr, Cassville police chief, said the department decided to go with the Explorer for multiple reasons. She said it is easier to get arrested individuals in and out of the SUV, compared to the Charger, and the larger vehicle also allows for easier driving on tougher terrain.

The department received two bids to buy the new vehicle, with one from Joe Machens Ford in Columbia for $26,550, and a second from Les Jacobs Ford in Cassville for $26,649. Both dealerships offered $6,250 for the Dodge Charger in trade-in value, and Kammerlohr recommended to the city to purchase the new Explorer from Les Jacobs Ford to keep spending local.

"There's a $99 difference in price, and that will be made up by not having to send two officers to drop off the Charger in Columbia," she said. "That would cost about $150, so it actually comes out to be less money spent if we buy from Les Jacobs Ford."

Accounting for the Charger's trade-in value, the total cost of the 2015 Ford Explorer is $20,399. With the purchase, the department now has two Explorers and two Chargers, with one of the Chargers being used as the D.A.R.E. vehicle at Cassville High School.

Kammerlohr said the new Explorer should arrive in about 8-12 weeks, and the city will still use the Charger until then.

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