Cassville R-4 stays busy over summer

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

With the FEMA building construction at Cassville High School nearing completion and numerous bond issue projects starting up this summer, the Cassville R-4 School District will be a busy place.

It will not just be busy for contact workers either, as the district's maintenance staff has a laundry list of routine projects it plans to complete over the summer.

Dusty Reid, director of facilities and operations, said the maintenance staff will undertake numerous summer projects, including: replacing or adding white boards, fixing floor tiles, fixing ceiling tiles and dusting and waxing rooms, among others.

"We'll be doing some locker repairs and changing out ceiling tiles that are stained or discolored, and replacing floor tiles that have come up," he said. "We're also going to be putting down a new rubber matting on the weight room floor."

Reid said staff will also go through air conditioners and water fountains to clean out the condensing units, and in the last two weeks of June, they will be refinishing the wood flooring.

"The middle school and primary school will receive a little more attention than the rest of the campus because the high school and the intermediate school are our newest buildings," he said. "We'll also have our regular landscaping and mowing to do, so we'll be very busy."

While some of the projects on the maintenance list are a little more time-consuming, Reid said some projects, like spraying for wasps near entrances to buildings, can be done fairly quickly.

"A lot of the things on this list are passed to the principals, and they may think some are not as high priority or maybe not best accomplished while school is in session," he said. "So, for many of those projects, we wait until summer."

Reid, who was superintendent of Roaring River State Park before taking the job with the school district, said there are a lot of similarities in the timing of such projects.

"I compared it to winters at the park," he said. "People think you're closed down and nothing is going on. But for us, that's a short window for us to accomplish a lot.

"The goal is to have top-notch facilities for students and faculty that are well-maintained and will last a long time."

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