Construction picking up at Purdy School District

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Purdy school board members look at a hole in the wall of what had been the library at the Purdy schools. It will become the new concession stand for sporting events. The room doubles the size of the cafeteria for daily use. Murray Bishoff/Cassville Democrat

Construction will pick up rapidly at the Purdy schools in the coming weeks.

Superintendent Steven Chancellor recently took school board members on a tour of the three construction areas. The wall between the cafeteria and the library has been removed and covered with wood to keep the room in service.

Chancellor said during Summer School, which starts on Monday, plastic will separate the current dining area from the kitchen. Students will receive meals in the elementary gym.

The corner at the intersection of the hallways leading west from the superintendent's office and south from the gym will be cut at a 45-degree angle. The spot will serve as an entrance into what will be an expanded cafeteria with a new concession serving area.

The construction reduced the size of the school library by half. Chancellor has indicated the displaced books have moved mostly into elementary classrooms. Teachers will have to request materials farther in advance to secure materials no longer centrally located.

Construction crews laid blocks this week for the new restrooms, located west of the old library where the modular classrooms have been located. The blocks indicate three rooms: restrooms for men and women and a storage area. Chancellor noted an extra adjacent hole punched in the wall on the north edge of the bathrooms. He said that will serve as a doorway for future building expansion.

The old concession stand will largely serve as storage. Chancellor said it may be used to sell assorted supplies to students during the school day.

As part of the construction, once classes for the regular school year ends this month, the ramp connecting the hallway leading from the gym to the elementary and school will come out. Chancellor said a shorter ramp and steps will go in its place. The metal framing and windows between school sections will come out as well.

The new entrance ramp and steps approaching the exterior of the gym went into use for graduation. Work taking out the old bathrooms for a new ticket office will begin with a new subcontractor. Chancellor said the owner of the mostly one-man firm hired to handle the brickwork recently died, leaving the general contractor, Bales General Contractors, to find a replacement for the same price.

The entire project costs $1.045 million and was scheduled to take 182 days.

Chancellor expressed his satisfaction with the progress of work to date and told board members they would see significant changes very quickly.

Crews are scheduled to finish by the opening of school in August.

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