Purdy schools cut health insurance costs

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Board members opt to pass increases on to employees

Purdy school leaders have adopted a new insurance strategy for the coming year that will cost the district less and pass more of the cost on to the employees.

The school district recently joined the Missouri Trust consortium, having previously participating in the Southwest Missouri Educator's Group (SMEG). The new, larger group secured insurance for a premium increase of 6.5 percent.

Superintendent Steven Chancellor said that was good news after the district faced a 10 percent rise in its former affiliation.

With the rules for the Affordable Health Care Act having changed three times, Chancellor said the board opted to let the changes play out without committing to a specific strategy.

"After a long discussion, the board decided to have employees pick up the 6.5 percent increase," Chancellor said. "Board members chose to put its percentage into salaries. Let's get competitive and put our money into salaries so we can recruit and retain."

Chancellor said he hoped to have a salary proposal for the coming year ready for the board's next meeting on May 19.

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