Local Emergency Planning District now dissolved

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Barry, Lawrence county entities to work independently

Officials with the Missouri Emergency Response Commission have tentatively approved a distribution of assets between Barry and Lawrence counties as a result of the dissolution of the Local Emergency Planning District.

The district was originally formed between Barry and Lawrence county partners under the direction of the late Gene Mulvaney, former Monett city emergency management director, who died June 28, 2008.

Bonnie Witt-Schulte was named to serve as the city's emergency management director just prior to Mulvaney's death.

Under a separation agreement, Barry County is responsible for reimbursing $2,400 to the fund for rental facilities for two years, and Barry County is to reimburse the fund for $1,600 in construction costs for office space at the Monett Justice Center, for a total of $6,410. Those funds are to be added to the current balance of $2,415 for a total of $8,825.

The Lawrence County Local Emergency Planning Commission is responsible for reimbursing $2,400 to the fund for rental of facilities for two years.

The MERC has calculated dispersal of funds, based on the Missouri Chemical Emergency Preparedness Funds, which are based upon fees collected from local chemical industries. The funds are utilized to prepare offsite response plans, acquire response team equipment, develop public awareness education programs, conduct chemical industry awareness and compliance programs, and conduct training, drills and exercises.

Based on those calculations, Barry County will take away $3,228, and Lawrence County will receive approximately $3,497.

Items in storage are to be inventoried and distributed equally between both Barry and Lawrence local emergency planning committees, which have been established to replace the former bi-county district.

The MERC will determine how to track industry partners' attendance to meet the state's mandatory requirements.

Meeting times and locations for each local planning committee will be announced at a later time as reorganizational efforts continue.

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