Kornerstone in Shell Knob offering class

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Baby's First Massage class now available to teen parents

Kornerstone's Teen Mom program now has on staff a certified infant massage educator.

Jaynee Langley, a certified Doula/Advocate for Kornerstone's teen program, recently received this certification through Baby's First Massage, a research-based infant massage training program.

Its goal is to train qualified professionals the skills to teach parents or caregivers listening and sensitive touch skills to empower them to create a strong family foundation of love, esteem and respect.

Each teen parent, both mothers and fathers enrolled in the Kornerstone program, are taught infant massage skills and effective ways to listen to a baby's communications. Some of the benefits of infant massage include: Improved circulation, stimulated immune system, improved digestion reducing colic, stimulated nervous system and increased bonding between infant and parent, among other benefits.

Baby's First Massage program is more about communicating love and respect than it is about giving a rub down. It is about listening, learning time out cues, how to comfort the baby, and how to touch in a nurturing protective way.

Infant massage education adds another facet to the comprehensive services provided by Kornerstone's Teen Mom program, which was established in 2006 in Barry County through a Mercy grant and is the only program providing intensive services to young teen parents in the area.

Infant massage training for Langley was funded by a grant from the Cassville Community Foundation.