Barry County election results

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


City of Monett $6 million bond issue


Pierce City R-6 School $.35 levy increase and rollback


Cassville R-4 School District $4 million bond issue

Yes734 (64.3%)

Cassville $.00375 sales tax for street maintenance


Monett Rural Fire District

Establish $0.30 District Levy


Monett Rural Fire District Board (5)

Paul Wimsatt234
Leland Doss222
Greg Carlin222
Michael Greenhaw198
Jackie Harris171
Herman A. Oetker152

Aurora R-8 School $2,500,000 Bond Issue Question


Crane R-3 School District $2 million bond issue


Reeds Spring R-4 School District $16.3 million bond issue


Village of Emerald Beach general maintenance increase


Central Crossing Fire Protection District Board (1, 6-year term)

Rob Hall123
Ed Hoefler73
Clyde E. Lobb51
Ted Blevins29

Mineral Special Road District commissioner (1)

Jenise Isley61
Wayne Bickford35
Ron Stricklin22

Pleasant Ridge Special Road District commissioner (1)

Truman H. Zinn63
Alfred R. Painter39

Sugar Creek Special Road District commissioner (1)

Hugh "Cisco" Maloney130
Nadine Mccasland56

Washburn Special Road District retain $.13 additional levy


Viola Special Road District

For Road commissioner (1)

Dave Felder118
Tom Bromwell35


Monett R-1 School Board (3)

Kenneth M. Gaspar216
Billy J. Willis100
Darren Bass246
David A. Beckett268
Steven Graves135

Pierce City R-6 School Board (3)

Bryan Stellwagen55
Greg Drollinger47
James Barchak34
David Jones63

Cassville R-4 School District Board (3)

Wade Hermansen463
Becky Henningson671
David Haddock680
Jon Horner657
Ann Hennigan335

Exeter R-6 School Board (3)

Gary Stringer147
Kerry Senters Mattingly102
Larry Meyer114
Jason Cole98

Aurora R-8 School Board (1, 2-year term)

Stacy Paulsen21
Steve McCulloch45
Don Sparks26

Crane R-3 School District Board (3)

Robert T. (Tim) Thomas98
William (Billy) Hayes97
Bobby Lee Conrad85
Tracy Brannan62
Kim Newkirk57

Galena R-2 School Board (3)

Mechelee Lebow5
Rick Farley4
Levi Jones6
B.J. Sartin3
Lisa Williams5
Theron Caldwell2

Southwest R-5 School Board (3)

Albert Pendergraft204
Jeremy Bernard168
Terry Burgess161
Jerry "Pete" Rose175
Ruthie Henderson218

Wheaton R-3 School Board (3)

Lewis R. Royer110
Joseph W. Brattin104
Everett Anthony Ball80
Landon C. Brattin58
Scott D. Prewitt48

Verona R-7 School Board (3)

Louis Carrasquillo28
Mary L. Hesemann35
Dede Hutson22
David Doner35
Abe Sherwood50

Municipal races

Purdy City Council Ward 1

Larry Rickman7

Purdy City Council Ward 2

Ken Real7

Cassville City Council South Ward Alderman

Terry Heinz118

Butterfield Mayor

Tony Cope19
James A. Dunivant18

Butterfield City Council East Ward

Carroll Hayes20

Butterfield City Council West Ward

Frances Hobbs14

Exeter City Council South Ward

Jeff Scott37

Exeter City Council North Ward

Keith Johnson19

Wheaton Mayor

David Shockley50
Nancy Rosentreter14

Wheaton City Council East Ward

Ryan Henderson31

Wheaton City Council West Ward

Stacy Beck26

Seligman City Council East Ward

Gerald Harling24
Belva Stepp15

Seligman $.01 sales tax for public safety


Washburn City Council West Ward

Gerald L. Hinde19

Numbers are Barry County totals only and may not accurately reflect the outcome of races covering two or more counties. Vote totals unofficial until canvassing.

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